AuthorTopic: How do you approach platformer Backgrounds and Tileset Level Designs?  (Read 1857 times)

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I've seen some nice looking modern-platforming game backgrounds recently and have really been wondering about the techniques behind drawing them so they work with the tileset and the specific level layout. I know some of you have worked on big name titles requiring a seasoned workflow, so I was wondering if I could get some insight on how you approach some particular things:

First of all, how do you determine the number of background images/variations needed when also approaching the layout and design of those backgrounds so they will work with non-specific level sizes and layouts, and account for all possible color schemes and variations of the tilesets? And lastly, with tilesets, how do you determine the number of, and what type of, stuff needs to go into the tilesets (and how many variations of each you need) so that you know you have enough variation to keep it interesting?

How do you approach these different tasks when it's all up to you to do the job of coming up with the list of specific visuals required on a project? Certainly you can't know everything you need asset-wise beforehand? Especially when the level layouts haven't been solidified at all, right??
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