AuthorTopic: [PAID] 2D Graphics Artist, Action Game, Adventure included!  (Read 2089 times)

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OK - a job offering but first some deets...

Company: Donley Time Foundation - web developer moving to console/PC
Job: Boss 101 Sequel on PC/Console
Previous Projects (click link to go to game): Boss 101, Cosmic ClicksDan Devil, Scrap Metal

Job Details: Hey all, this is Tim from the Donley Time Foundation. I won't bore you with a big info dump and life history. Briefly, I'm a game developer who comes from a long history of console and PC games. Last year I moved to do my own thing with Web based games and never looked back. I'm having the time of my life and now I am jumping back to PC/consoles again.

I'm looking for a passionate person(s) who would like to work with me bring my web game Boss 101 over to consoles. Check out the game in the link above if you like. I have developed 4 games in the last 7 months. You can see the style I have. Im not locked into it and if someone, some TALENTED person like yourself sees this and thinks Oh man, I can up that ante! then awesome. HAHAH!

Here are some screens of Boss 101 - the web version. This will give you an idea of what has already been done. (all my art, design, programming, etc)

early version of the make a boss screen

Gun Upgrades include the mighty Fist Cannon

BrontaDogasaurus. Very tough, very slow and VERY hard to kill!

One of the Seven Samurai Bots with side splitting sword action

The basic gist of the project is Im developing a game where Id really like to keep the a nice pixel art aesthetic. To that end, Id love to see if anyone here wants to join in. Yes there is pay and yes, there is revenue sharing. Depending on how this goes and if someone joins up I see an option to go the Kickstarter route and secure development funds (additional salary and development money).

Hopefully youre not rolling your eyes! HAHAH. Im doing this with or without a huge team. Heck, Ill do it by myself (though it will take longer). I know I can do it and where I see you fitting in is helping raise the quality bar with nice colors, your design aesthetic and input. I appreciate any and all feedback since I abhor working in a vacuum! Got ideas? Id love to hear it.

So check out those games. See what you think. Also, if you want a little info on me please feel free to check out my Moby Games for a look at what projects I have been on.

My Moby Games: Tim Donley

Thanks for checking out this long-ass post and if you want to talk with me or have questions you can mail me directly or through here.

I'll be frank and say I don't have this all figured out to the nth degree but I would like to think I know a little about shipping games. I hope if you find any of this interesting you contact me! Questions are always welcome!



tim @ donleytimefoundation . com (remove spaces)

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I've send you a PM :)