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Re: Creature from Hell.

Reply #20 on: February 09, 2014, 11:45:09 pm
Yeah, I was suggesting drawing something you can touch, re-light, and look at from many angles, whatever the medium.

To be clear I've no issue with linework as a process or aesthetic, you'll probably have keep a certain method or style if you're in the middle of an ongoing project and it might be important to how you do things anyway. Suggestion was as an exercise that isolates things you're not currently doing and confront them, later you can apply that perspective however you choose to do things.

I often feel like detailed step-by-step kind of stuff (also speedpaints, livestreams etc.) aren't nearly as helpful as they first appear 'cos it's a false impression of complete insight; distracting by getting exactly what they're doing and not what they're thinking. I mix up my process all the time, change my mind and fix mistakes, there's many means to an end and it's experience/insight into fundamentals that determines how it ends up.
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