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Re: Realeastic Charmander

Reply #10 on: February 17, 2014, 05:09:34 pm
I don't know any nice way of putting this, so I'll be blunt  :)

I think your latest version is worse than before. It's flatter, it doesn't show the same depth or the same texture as before. While you previously had its belly a different colour from its chin, they're now the same color. And now you're not showing any kind of irregularity in its skin, like scales or folds or whatever else.

Finally, the flame on its tail seems to cast no light what so ever. The parts of its body closer to the flame should be righter. The tip of the tail should not be the same colour / brightness as the base / root of its tail. The leg closer to the flame should not be the same colour / brightness as the most distant leg. Of course, this depends somewhat on the surrounding light. If we're seeing it in very, very strong sunlight, then the lighting of the flame is less important. On the other hand, if this is very strong sunlight, then you need far, far more contrast and stronger edges on the whole body of the lizard.

Hope this helps. Don't be discouraged, keep going.

I can see what you mean about the belly being the same color, they do look like they blend in together to much.  Also I'm not discouraged, every bit of tips help.  I'll go back to my old edit and improve upon it as you said.  Unfortunately I put this project aside at the moment to work on other projects.  I will return to it another time, in till then this thread is being put to sleep.

I agree with everything that cels said, and I must add that his back leg is now distorted, like now it have only two joints. Also you should fix that banding in area between front and back legs.

Go back to your previous version, study 9_6s edit more (cause it's a very good edit) and use that to improve further. :)

Yes I do too.  This thread however I'm putting it to sleep for a while to work on other projects.  In till then I will study 9_6's edit more.