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on: January 05, 2014, 08:04:03 pm
Hello everyone.

Do you miss those old games, where it took 60+ hours of gameplay? All those puzzles, and mind games, which made you mad and frustrated at one point, while seeking for an exit, or a new cutscene to continue your campaign, but also enthustiastic, and overwhelming with happines as soon as you move from one part of the game to another. In my humble opinion  those games are almost extinct. Nowadays, every single developer rushes for a quick profit, everyone has forgot what it meant to "play the game". Do you remember how games had secret characters in them, or perhaps an unlockable audio, or a new menu setup? Those games were the ones made with heart, the ones that expressed the developers imagination, and brought it to life.

My name is Alexander, and I'm a programmer, I'm currently working on a long-term project, and I'm quite bad at making sprites whatsoever. I'm looking for pixel artists which could make the dream come true. I'd like to make an oldschool RPG puzzle multiplayer game (4-8 players). I've got the concept pretty much developed by now, but I lack sprites (Main Characters, NPC's and Monster sprites). I've got no funds at the moment, but I'm willing to share all the profit from the game when it is completed.

Engine : Game Maker 8.0 Pro.
Port : PC(Windows)

Contact info:
Skype: Phonix1993
or PM me on this forum(Would be the most desirable).

Thanks for reading the post, i look forward to hearing from you. ^^
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