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Looking For a Spriter

on: January 05, 2014, 12:35:20 am

I'm looking for a spriter for little bits of work here and there. If possible I'd like someone to use as a go-to guy long-term, so for that reason I'd like to see individual interest in my request. I'd rather deal with individuals rather than teams/groups of spriters.

What sort of spriter I'm looking for:
- An interest in low resolution sprites. (I'm looking at 24x24 currently)
- Can do tilesets as well as individual sprites.
- An eye for graphic styles and suggesting improvements to the visual style.
- A lover of RPG games <3 (and JRPGs)

For what:
I'm currently working on a dungeon crawler game targeted at HTML5. The graphics are simple and use a 24x24 grid. I'm not looking for someone too expensive for this as I'm just a regular student in university with a passion for game development. I can sprite to a certain degree but I don't enjoy it the majority of the time - that is why I'm looking for someone that I can pay to do it for me.

Here's a screenshot of the project that I'd like to see the sprites created/improved for and the style I'm looking at:

If you're interested, throw me an email with your rates and experience/portfolio/examples at harrkus[{at}]
Just to clarify, I'm looking to pay a spriter for a fair price - but please keep in mind that I'm on a low budget. Payment will be made via PayPal (I'm verified).


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Re: Looking For a Spriter

Reply #1 on: May 05, 2014, 02:32:43 pm
Hi,im interested in your work, and can make some sprites for you,write me, if interested