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[Paid]Skeleath:RPvP Pixel Artist Needed.

on: January 03, 2014, 05:14:57 pm
Hello, My name is Hebron E. Swaray and I'm looking for a pixel artist

Here is a little bit About My Profile & Game Requirements.

About Me:
Let Me Start off By telling you about my Self A little
I have Programmed for over 6 years , I started Game Developing
From an language called DM: Dream Maker by,
and I want to be an Professional Game Designer Some Day
an Guy can Only Dream I plan to make huge projects in the future
and keep on developing Games Until I have reached my Goals.

About My Development Process:
My Development Process Is Built around team work and unity , if there's something
an team Member does not agree With It will be Thought Over as an team Not only Me
But before doing that what do i need an Team!
*So i gather Up an Team of user Friendly Artist etc.
*Make Sure there's an Even Number of Specialist on My team.
*Plan out the Game-play As One.
*Make Sample Layouts of How things Will be.
*Make an Theme
*Then start our actual Programming
*I have been invovled with over 10 teams.

About The Game It's Self:
The Name of the Game is Seleath: RolePlay.
Game Play:
This takes place in more of an mythical medieval ages plot
There will Be Clans Ex: Dragon Clan *Note It wont be Precisely called "Dragon Clan"
*They will have the ability to have amazing control over fire and transform which changes appearance with Such things As Wings,  Horns , and Tails
*Battle will be similar in style to Seiken Densetsu 3, but more strategic" then the reader can go and look up "Seiken Densetsu 3
*This will be RPvP: Role-play/Player.vs.Player
*There will also Be dragons you can slay Caves you can adventure through and
Quest you can succeed it will be realistic as i can make it to my Programming Ability.
There will be An Variety of Enemies : Such As Goblins , Wolfs , Dragons , Guards , Ga int Scorpions
, and Cyclops e

About Requirements:
Ill Need Mostly Environmental Things Ex: Grass , Bricks , and Flowers
* You'll have to have the same Style with it so everything matches and goes together
* You'll have to only makes about 4 - 5 Tiles Per Week
* Have An Skype or Something I Can Page you on Faster.
* Download BYOND here :
* Creativity

And You Should Be Fine not too much work , you'll have other Pixel Artist helping once i get Another Pixel artist.
~ Skype :
or contact me trough this websites Send Message Option.
I am Patient so Trust me its easy.

Thank you for your Time Guys :) , Sincerely Hebron.
An Wise Man once said Dont Start what you Cant Pixel !