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[PAID] NES Style Game Graphics

on: December 07, 2013, 05:15:18 pm
Hi there,

I am looking to have some short term pixel art commission work done as part of a long term game development project that I intend on preparing a Kickstarter campaign for by mid-next year. If the Kickstarter pitch succeeds, the pledged money will go almost entirely to pixel art, meaning there may be plenty more work in the future. Depending on how well capital investment into the initial Kickstarter campaign performs over the coming weeks and months, there may be commission work available for multiple artists. If the campaign is successful, work will be offered to several candidates over the next year.

I have written a fairly sophisticated game development framework and engine that emulates the look, sound and feel of a wide variety of vintage video game consoles. This particular game I am using my API for is essentially a "new" NES game, somewhat like the recent Mega Man games released on modern consoles. This means all the graphical assets I require use the NES palette, etc.

I have some rudimentary pixel art skills, but I have been programming 50-100 hour weeks consistently for nearly five years on this framework and don't have the time to spare on graphics myself. Here are a few concepts I have created for this project:

Optional video signal processing emulation (don't make fun of my muscles):

My engine's native synthesizer is capable of authentically emulating the sound of most consoles spanning from the very first progenitors all the way to the Neo Geo, also including several enhancements and real time filters. Here's a screenshot and a few videos of it in action: (random generation demonstration) (melodic demonstration) (deprecated version demonstration, but it is still nice)

I have a defunct dev log for my project here if you would like more information:

My requirements for pixel art are fairly simple; most animations will not require more than four frames and the palette is usually limited to three colors (four including transparency), but occasionally up to six.

If you are interested in and available for this project, please contact me at the email address specified below and let me know what your price range and/or rates are and samples of your work. When my schedule permits, I will kindly request that you join a Google Hangout so I can provide feedback while you work (and you can watch me code in exchange).

My email address is:

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Cheers!
- Sig