AuthorTopic: [PAID] Pixel artist in need for Age of Magic  (Read 2722 times)

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[PAID] Pixel artist in need for Age of Magic

on: December 03, 2013, 09:28:45 pm
Age of Magic
I'm in need of pixel artists who are capable of iconning over-layers for my base character and also capable of creating skill/magic animations (example a wind breath) or a lightning halberd projectile.
The game is being done in DM *BYOND*

My skype is zaginator5000

I pay with paypal and pay per icon not per hour

Some of the games features that have already been coded in
-Friend System
-Full screen
-Offline messaging System
-Inventory system
-Equipment system with over 200+equipment already coded in
-Status Ailments
-Mount system
-A colleseum
-Many many spells
-Long term character development
-Guild competitions including grand magic games
-Guild request board click on it and a list of quests requested by ai show up
-Top 10 mage rankings to determine the 10 wizard saints
-Magic Council
-Some requests sometimes turn into long arcs sort of like the manga fairy tail but more original
-Extremely polished pvp/combat system
-Quality Ai