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2D Artist Wanted

on: November 18, 2013, 10:35:55 pm
Hello Everyone,

My Name is Joe and I am looking for a Game Artist. I am a solo developer, who works mostly with 2d games. Previously I specialized in mostly contracted out apps for various web companies. Now I primarily have been developing games, mostly RPG and Platformer type games with the occasional puzzle game. I am looking for a game artist to work with me on a large platformer game. I would need the artist to all the art in the game. IN return the pay would be through revenue share.

Please send me your portfolio if you are interested. I am not looking for the most amazing portfolio in the world, but a little example work would be wonderful.

If you want to contact me at my email: jacaraccio
  • gmail instead that is fine. If I can provide any more necessary information do not hesitate to ask. Along with any questions.