AuthorTopic: [Unpaid] Looking for a pixel artist!  (Read 2084 times)

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[Unpaid] Looking for a pixel artist!

on: October 15, 2013, 06:22:37 pm

I have some ideas I would like to bring to life, but sadly no time to focus on both code and sprites (and limited art skills, I may give a hand though if needed).

So I'm looking for someone to work with and create fun and good looking little games (not for only one game, I'd like a longer partnership).
I have 4 main paths (for the moment) we can explore: a shoot and run/platformer using colors (inspiration: rock/megaman, de blob, bit trip runner), a puzzle game with time jumps, a poetic RPG (inspiration: journey, limbo, ico) and a platformer/action/absurd game about an unlucky knight (inspiration: the legend of zelda, battleblock theater, ghosts'n goblins). And of course, other ideas are welcome :)

If possible, I'd like someone who wants to be involved in the game as much as I will be (I'm not talking about time; I'm just open to suggestions and hope to share ideas for both art and game mechanics). It's better if it's our game(s), not just mine.

Concerning visual style, I'm also open to everything, as long as it fits with the game and we both like it.

I'm doing this as a hobby, the purpose here is to have fun. I don't plan to sell anything and don't have money to offer, everything I will do will be released in public domain, licensing of art files will depend on you.

Please PM me if you are interested (or ask any question you might have), thanks for reading!