AuthorTopic: Need a long term 2D pixel artist for an action RPG  (Read 2129 times)

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Need a long term 2D pixel artist for an action RPG

on: October 10, 2013, 02:41:31 pm
We are in need of a 2D pixel artist.  The standard for the graphics isn't that high.  Just use as many colors as you want, but only 3 hues per color.  Resolution is also 640x480 and the base tile size is 32x32.  You might want to keep in mind that the obstacle detection works on a 16x16 basis for design purposes.  This is a long term project.  It might also turn into a paid project later on, but if you're thinking of charging some exuberant amount of money like even $100 for a single character sheet, we don't have the budget for that.

What kind of game is it?  Its what you get when you combine elements of Zelda, Mario, Mega Man and Kirby.  Here are some screenshots of the project in question, to start off.  Keep in mind, only the robot characters are original graphics thus far.

This is being developed into an action RPG with some unique features here and there to its systems that make it more fun.  Here is a list of some of the features it is going to ultimately have:
  • Reallocating stat points you already placed into stats.
  • Combating enemies similar to the way Kirby does.
  • Lots of original combat abilities which can be stolen from enemies via assimilation.
  • Robust enemies that challenge your skills.
  • Intricate boss battles, usually at the end of each world.
  • A free roaming, evolving map screen, with more detailed world maps where you enter stages.
  • Stage by stage format.
  • Lots of interaction with the environment.
  • Creative status ailments specifically for robots so it's not just the old "poisoned" or what have you.
  • Extra play modes like boss endurance which unlock after completing the game.
  • Unique minibosses at the end of almost every stage.
  • Worlds are somewhat nonlinear as in you get a choice between two at certain points in the game.
  • The player robot can be modified in appearance to modify his gameplay and physics.

If I've piqued your interest and you have some questions about the project, by all means ask away!   :)
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