AuthorTopic: [Resolved] Sprites and Tilesets for Penumbra Hearts  (Read 1732 times)

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Hello everyone!
Wanderer of the Myst are currently working on an rpg named Penumbra Hearts. We are looking for spriters because we are not exactly artistically talented in that way...
What are we looking for:
  • 32x32 sprites with 12 frames to show a walking animation for both the main characters
  • Battle sprites. More will be discussed about this when you contacts us
  • Tilesets for many different maps. Once again, more will be discussed about this when you contact us.
We have managed to get a spriter, thanks for the interest everyone. We still need Tilesets though, so if you feel you can help us with this, go ahead and shoot us a message! :)
What we are looking from you:
  • A reasonable price
  • Good quality work
  • A good attitude
If you think you can provide anything then please contact us. If you require more information about the game or have any questions for me or Gabriel, feel free to shoot us a message on this website. Alternatively you can contact us here:

Thank you all so much for all your applications. We saw many talented artists!
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