AuthorTopic: Sidescroll screen attempt (WIP)  (Read 7838 times)

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Re: Sidescroll screen attempt (WIP)

Reply #10 on: June 16, 2013, 01:20:25 pm
Wow those images are just gorgeous. I did not know Henk Neiborg and this gives me more stuff to look into and learn.

Here's a little update:
I worked up the rocks trying your method then played with them a little bit. Redid the grass and started experimenting with background, just blocking in values first.

It's still very rough of course so don't worry with C C, I'll work it up more then will be glad for more advice.

And while looking around, I thought of looking back to an old favorite of mine.

Even then, there's hardly any pixel noise but the cracks and lights make these rocks look fantastic. Well, off to more experimenting :)