AuthorTopic: [PAID] Looking for a pixel artist and animator for a simulation game  (Read 1875 times)

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I'm currently working on an Indie Studio simulation game. I did all the art myself, but that was just for development. Now I need real good looking arts. I'd need a pixel artist and animator of experience who could make distinctive, eye-catchy pixel art.

The first contract would be for about 30 tiles and 10 animated characters. (3 or 4 frames per animations). I think everything will be 48x84px.

The development of my game is very active so I would need somebody who is willing to deliver with ease and make modifications, if needed.

If it works out well, this could be a long term opportunity for both of us.

I'm looking for somebody who's open minded and ready to be creative with the project.

Here's a current screenshot of the game: (full size:

I'd like my game to have a retro pixel art look. Tiny Tower is a perfect example of what I'd want. You can see it here:

About the price, please make an estimate and I will tell you if I like the price or not. Simple as that! ;-)

Here's some infos:
Indie Game Story

To know more about the game please read:

My name is Tommy, and you can email me at "tomshreds-at-me-dot-com".

Thanks, I look forward to any response!
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I'm interested in the offer, I sent you a PM :)

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 I'm interested and  I want to offer my services.

I have sprted for two small projects (I have the sprites in my deviant art page, but not the link to the actual projects.)

My Gallery:

I found the link to one of the projects. I did Health Bars for a fighting engine called Mugen for someone who was creating their own fighting game.
Please message me if you're looking to hire a sprite artist!