AuthorTopic: Help with high res pixel art  (Read 21442 times)

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Re: Help with high res pixel art

Reply #10 on: January 08, 2013, 03:23:46 am
You hit the point Dr. D. If we can make ultra-smooth graphics with pixel, then is what i want to do. I love the graphics made with pixels and i don't want to use other medium.

You all don't comprehend my question. The point is, we can make HQ graphics with pixel and we love it, why not make the best use that we can? You misunderstood tim, i don't want to make something "like" Wakfu, and i already know that the art of the game is not pixel. I want to make something with pixel that can be "compared" to Wakfu or the games of the 32 bits era.

And the answer to "why don't i forget pixel?" is i want to make the best use that i can, even if  it is more time consuming than this or that.

Anyway, thanks for the good debate till now.
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Re: Help with high res pixel art

Reply #11 on: January 08, 2013, 05:16:05 am
It's not viable to do high resolution anti-aliased pieces…

 410~ pure work hours. It can be done in like 10-20 hours using more suited tools.

So if you want to lose your time on pixel craziness to impress people,
do it, but you can't achieve anything more than a few pieces…

It's not suited to make games, it's not suited to animate characters,
it's not suitable to parallax… Trust me, I am actually working on my very own
HD pixel art game since six months, and it's fucking hard, I use all sort of tips
and tricks to work faster and better (like using a lot of dark areas because they
don't need as much details, animating particles using After Effects, etc).

You can also look at the workflow of KOF XIII, SNK was very smart using 3D to
pose the characters more easily and grab the generated lighting before pixelling
everything :

Anyway, to make clean pieces, you need a clean workflow, you need learn how to add anti-aliasing
yourself, etc… Good luck and show us what you do !  ;D
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