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Website idea.

on: January 23, 2015, 02:30:49 am
   I was thinking it would be a good idea for a group of freelance artists to create a automated website to streamline the commission process of doing freelance art. The idea itself it very simple and hardly unique. There would be rates posted, the client would make an order detailing what is needed all at once (with specific information required like size/frame count etc). Then when the art is done, it would be sent over and the client would ask for any revisions needed.
   The site could charge for extra revision past the first few. Then when the art is done the money is transferred. The emphasis would be that it would be a reliable site that people could go to to get small tasks of pixel art (avatars, emoticons, banners, one walk cycle) done quickly and efficiently. I was also thinking the site could have a live rendering service where you could order some art and the an available artist would be able to have free time to stream the creation process after the order and the client would be able to offer direct input. The pay would be per hour and fair since the client would see the art being made.

  Lastly you could add a branch for 1 on 1 lessons and whatnot. Then there is stuff about what the actual rates would be, though I feel like it would have to be at least close to equal for every piece of art for consistency reasons though clients would be able to request that a certain artist do the work. They profit would (maybe?) be split equally between everyone with the specially requested people getting a bonus % of the commission they were requested for.

  This is just dumping ideas, I have no clue on how to get started even making a website but if someone wants to do something like this it would be cool.
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