AuthorTopic: MGS Vulcan Raven :update: Mantis  (Read 9459 times)

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Re: MGS Vulcan Raven :update: Mantis

Reply #10 on: September 24, 2005, 01:01:32 am
Vulcan is awesome, but I see just two things about Mantis that bug me. (Heh, Mantis...Bug...get it?)
1. His legs seem too far apart at the crotch. In all the pics of Psycho, all the good ones at least, his legs go in a virtually straight line from the hips to the floor; no bend at the knees.
2. Well, I know it's your style and all, but his ribs seem a bit too prominent...just a bit.

Anyway, it'd be cool if in the big picture with the Metal Gear in the BG there was Solid Snake hanging from some rafters above everyone or something, or strangling a soldier back in a shadowy corner somewhere.

Anyway, great as usual.

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Re: MGS Vulcan Raven :update: Mantis

Reply #11 on: September 24, 2005, 01:06:41 am
I like them, they are pretty well done.

Vulcan is pretty well dawn, IS a little too white, and...well, his pose is a bit boring compared to your standard

Mantis is well drawn too, but I dislike the fact he's a bit too noticeably mirrored, I'd really like to see you play more with his proportions as you usually do.

 But...I dont really see them as an evolution for you :p I dont think they are small enough to teach you anything about detail compression, and you already have done more depthy stuff with that astronout in a city BG, and that snake couple in other threads.

if you really do want to learn something new, and learn about spriting, you shold try like..atleast half the size of those.

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Re: MGS Vulcan Raven :update: Mantis

Reply #12 on: September 24, 2005, 03:35:59 am
The legs are very small on Vulcan. If its intentional, its not working. It looks like you just threw his torso onto a much smaller man's legs.

I second Zach's edit. It makes the colors actually interesting; no offense. The color scheme is just almost the same as your last piece(s). It doesn't look that much darker, and you don't have to be so specific. You change his face, yet you keep his skin lighter? I don't get it; you might as well go ahead and consider the edit, especially since you said you are trying new things, right?

The gun is likely realisticly that size, but people aren't realisticly that size either. So, I think the gun could have more bulk; showing the strength of Vulcan. I would make the barrels (?) thicker, and the guts ( I really don't know gun terms ) smaller.

I would also pull his left leg in a bit; otherwise he would fall. His chest could be pushed forward a bit, too.

It is good, but all over the place.

The only problem I have with Mantis is his other foot not showing; it looks like you hid it just because you didn't feel like drawing it. Since you say you are trying new things, fuck with the pallete a bit, and change some hues after you finish, please.