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Re: Ryu Revisited - a new progression thread

Reply #10 on: January 07, 2013, 02:56:41 am
I have faced the reality that my lax figure sketching has completely botched this whole experiment and probably has made me look rather derp. But in the essence of not giving up and after having your hand at giving me serious criticisms to improve, i took a long edit on this based on the feedback provided. Helm, Pistachio - your edits were immensely helpful. everyone thanks for your constructive comments.

here is my updated version of Ryu. updated stance, details and palette.

my eyes are burnt and ill do a proper thread edit tomorrow and do some animating stuff to compare differences, but if there are more glaring/confounding errors id appreciate some sustained feedback.

@conceit - perhaps ive failed miserably, perhaps i overstated my intentions of what im trying to do. Cel shading obviously isnt anything new, particlarly given capcom's affinity towards the style. Im trying to utilize what ive been learning in experimenting in the cluster study threads to apply it to a sprite created from scratch. cel shading cant necessarily not be a part of that. i prefer the rather clear distinction in light and dark compared to SNK's take on these sprites which can look a little 'stripey' or band-y in their own particular way.

edit: argh - now that im looking again with fresher eyes - the legs are still off weight as pointed out in helms edit. also i feel like ive redrawn both arms completely but amazingly they dont look dramatically different. still some editing needing to be done.
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