AuthorTopic: Need a Spriter for some Megaman Fan games  (Read 2797 times)

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Need a Spriter for some Megaman Fan games

on: December 03, 2012, 11:05:23 pm
Hi everyone my name is Zerolegends and im looking for someone who is able to work with Megaman Sprites/making Sprites for any style i'm currently working on 2 games... One which is a Megaman X game which takes Place within the Elf war era... and the other is a Megaman Battle Network game. which is currently both in development, i need sprites mainly for Bosses and Mugshots enemies to... of course i dont expect all these to be done in one go... i need someone who is hard working and willing to work and someone who can stay motivated.

(The MMBN Engine)

this is an Old video but the engine is running more smoothly, i am of course still working on it, ive gotten the main storyline written out again just looking for Spriters who can help me full-fill the required tasks and help me finish this game

(The MMX Game)

This game is also still in development and an old video ... im mainly looking for spriters who are able to work with the spriting style and emulate it.

If anyone is looking for work and wanting to help please Contact me through

Thanks a ton!!!