AuthorTopic: Sprite to Prizm C .h file Conversion Plugin for GrafX2  (Read 2125 times)

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Sprite to Prizm C .h file Conversion Plugin for GrafX2

on: December 02, 2012, 09:47:04 pm

This utility is a plugin for the pixel-pushing program GrafX2, that easily converts sprites and pictures into RGB 565 values and dumps them into a .h file that can be immediately used for Casio fxCG-10/20 Prizm development.  This allows for practical use of GrafX2 as a spriting/drawing tool for Prizm development.

I made this small script this morning in realization that it would be rather practical to give GrafX2 Prizm-compatible sprite exporting capabilities.  For those who use GrafX2, this script should make managing the exported data from your sprites more autonomous and easier to handle; for those who don't use it, stop missing out.


I realize that there probably aren't many (understatement of the year) Prizm developers here, but I thought that I'd might as well share this here, since it is somewhat related to pixel art / a popular pixel-pushing program and a device with archaic specs.  Plus, with slight modification, this can be used to export pictures/sprites with any bit/channel depths, or programming language (when it is impractical to store sprites in a resource file.)
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