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[paid] top down 2D aircraft art + background for mobile

on: November 30, 2012, 02:39:17 pm
Hey everyone,

I am looking for about 5-20 graphic/art components for a new Android game.
Primarily Top down 2D vehicles + 1 or 2 backgrounds.
I am looking for any range from 'no experience amateurs' to professionals(would be willing to pay outside my designated range)
I am expecting at least 1-2 hours of 'work' but I am not sure how long these things take?

Full screen resolution of deployed graphics are about minimum 800x480.

Low end art example,  google images for "Coptra" or view the free game at
This is 'too low' end for what I want, I want it pixel graphics and slightly raw looking

medum art example:  (Probably a good starting place)
this is pretty good, but I want something slightly more 'modern' looking

higher end example: Flight control or Flight Contrl HD
this is excellent work, however it is too 'commerical plane' and too 'cartoony'
I am making a war/fighting game and it needs to be a little more 'war' looking with a little more 'aggressive' and 'raw' looking
However, I would still like the produced art to be 'stylized' and match traditional graphics standard of mobile phones (ios or android)

Approximate scale of current game state:
Note: Although I believe I have this set to 800x480 rendering resolution, it is being nearest neighbor scaled up to 1280x720 in this photo, for desktop version.
(all current graphics are temporary filler art, as they are not my art, but based upon the previous 2 games)
(I am posting the picture, for approximate scale/layout)

Current "Temporary sprite sheet" for sizing/starting purposes

(5 vehicles)
Deliverable I want (most of these will be around 32 to 70 pixels wide in size, with some as small as 6 pixels wide. (Vector graphics are an acceptable alternative if they look good enough rendered at those resolutions)
1 helicopter  (Primary character)
  -  the top prop can be animated in 2-3 frames or simply have the top prop be a separate image, as I currently have.
2 small plane variations
  -  1 that looks 'slower' and 1 that looks 'medium faster'   (perhaps a prop aircraft and a turbojet or jet, but not a 'fighter jet' fast)
1 large plane variation
   -  think modern day C-130 that will shoot from 1 side only(gun shoots from 1 side of aircraft only, doesn't matter to me which side)
1 tank (2 frames to be animated for 'tread' movement)
   with separate turret that can rotate its bigger turret
1 jeep
   also have a 'small gun' turret on top

optional bonus:
1 chinook or 'larger helicopter'
   might have a turret? guns somewhere? can be 'rotated' maybe? limited range rotation?  Not sure, flexibility

(1 background)
1 or 2 backgrounds
  - see my arty.png for reference, for one of them, I want it to be 100% land based, with a 'partial view of a broken/destroyed run, that will match the scale of aircraft. Still have a few 'explosion burn marks' indicating previous battles,  and no buildings (Tanks can drive anywhere and I don't want to make them 'avoid' buildings or 'major obstructions'  smaller rocks or fallen trees are allowed.
  - 2nd background, is up to you to do whatever with.  It can be a partial beachfront, land, city, anything you want that you think would fit with the general theme and style

(optional 1 simple explosion sequence)
some sort of explosion graphics that can be animated
  - low end example from coptra, is just a simple circle that 'expands' and flashes between white/yellow. But I want something slightly more stylized than a circle, but more 'simple' than the one I currently have in 'arty'  It should be about 5 and 10 frames. I Plan to have 5-10+ separate explosion animations per 'vehicle explosion' and '20 explosions' for bigger aircraft and player, so the explosion animation can be more 'simplified' because I will be duplicating it.
(This same explosion graphic, can be used for everything)

(1 muzzle flash + 3 single frame bullets graphics, probably no more than 10x10pixels)
1 simple muzzle flash(see my sprite sheet)
3 weapons
  - bullets ( 2 small, 1 medium/larger)
    - at least 3 bullets,  of 2 small styled ones ( think plane and tank having 2 different bullets)  and then 1 larger one, perhaps from bigger tank or the c-130, for a slightly larger slower moving bullet)

(1 missile still frame, + 2 frames of smoke/flames for rear)
  - missile
   -- 1 missile graphic, and at minimum 2 smoke/flame trail graphic, can be more frames if you want to do it

  - laser? (optional)
    -- minimum 4-10 pixels wide, to be animated between 2-3 frames for a 'laser' shot,  no 'growth' of laser, itll just be 'there' and then 'not there' but will be animated for while 'firing'

2 powerups, basically a circle with 2 frames each, with something varying like inverted colors
2 power ups ( can be simple and just change color or whatever)
  - general P powerup (2 frames animated)
  - 1 general bomb powerup ( 2 frames animated) 

Optional stuff, not sure how to define
I plan to have some 'tread marks' left by tank or jeep?
some sort of 'smokey puff clouds' as seen in coptra plane is left behind? Only if it it would fit the style of the planes?
Anything else you think would help make the game look 'better'
I plan to use a grayscaled/transparent image of the aircraft for 'shadows' so no need for additional shadows.
I am open to suggestions on anything.

Optional, some sort of 'title screen' or 'flash' screen that can be slightly more stylized/artistic, and won't be 'playable'
View the 1945 title in the above example, This is where you can flex some more artistic skill if you want, and doesn't have to be top down 2d, but can be anything you want, so long as it 'generally' fits theme.

All the aircrafts and such, will only need 1 direction, as I will rotate them programmatically ( so no 'angle' to view, it needs to be 100% top down)

I would like to be able to have 2 minor reworks (but will be flexible and reasonable on this)
example, if I would like a minor change to an artwork changed a little, It would be nice if a small few changes could be accomodated. I can always re-work a minor amount by myself, but I am not very good and would greatly increase 'future' jobs.
I would greatly like to find an artist I can continue to work with in the future on bigger and more in depth projects.

The money:
I am not sure how long it will take, but It should probably take at least 2 hours, but I plan to pay at MINIMUM $30 USD. (Preferably looking to pay about $40)
At maximum $120, with possibility of 'follow up' paid additional work.  However, I am flexible on scope and price.  If you want to only do a subset of the above work, I am willling to consider it and/or renegotiate price. Just let me know.

The payment will be done thru PayPal or agreed upon third party system.

How to get the job:
send at least a small amount of 'portfolio' work with preferable at least 1-2 vehicles of pixel art nature (doesn't have to match this style)

If selected, I would like 1 unique art of the above art description for free( It can be reduced graphic, messed up, intentional shitty camera photo of monitor screen', watermarked or whatever) From this and previous work, we will decide upon appropriate specific pay.

I would preferably like this to be all the graphics I need for the main part of the game, but could fill in some of small parts myself. But the more helpful and complete you are. Higher pay for you and more future deals.

I would like possibly to have this completed/shipped game' by Dec 25th of this year.

If you have any suggestions on anything, I am very 'open minded' to anything.
If you need more clarification or have issues with anything, please let me know. This is the first time I am doing anything like this.
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Re: [paid] top down 2D aircraft art + background for mobile

Reply #1 on: November 30, 2012, 04:22:37 pm
I am not sure how long it will take, but I can't imagine more than a hour or 2
Unfortunately something like this is going to take a lot longer than 2 hours. How long will depend on the artist but you might want to consider increasing the budget.

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Re: [paid] top down 2D aircraft art + background for mobile

Reply #2 on: November 30, 2012, 06:17:49 pm
Fair enough, increased minimum to 30(from 20) and maximum to 120(from 50)

Also would like to point out, I have a bunch of reference images available(proper size and most of the art in 2 different styles, just not in the one I'd like) to be sent to the artist that will help jump start a lot of it. Also a lot of the artwork will/can be scaled up 2x to 4x, nearest neighbor so less detail is needed then the 'higher resolution' examples I have given.

The reason for the range, is depending upon the art, several of them could honestly be not much more than some simple 10x10 very basic single color pixelated outlines. But I am hoping for something a little more then that.

Just remember, I am very flexible on scope, price, and level of detail. I am willing to greatly accommodate to the artist, even moreso on ones that have more experience.
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Re: [paid] top down 2D aircraft art + background for mobile

Reply #3 on: December 08, 2012, 12:22:37 am
Message sent.