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I Need 2D RPG Graphics

on: November 27, 2012, 01:45:37 am
What do I need?

About 20 sprites and 50 tiles. 10 of these sprites can be the same with small modifications made to them to separate them from the other 10. The tiles will grid together into buildings. I like light stone, and wood the most. I may even purchase a license to obtain commercially usable graphics from a provider that you'd simply need to adjust into originality for me.

My offer:

Step 1. We make a simple contract that's electronically signed on my server.

Step 2. I ask for a graphic I need (say a sprite, which will actually be 12 forms for walking animation, 3 for each direction faced) and then you make it and if it's too my liking I buy it from you. After also checking that it's not ripped work.

Step 3. I will pay you graphic by graphic. This way neither of us will have any risk.

Bonus Offer:

An invitation to our team and developer membership on our website, for the potential of recognization and future work.


Negotiable, but in theory it'd be about 10$ a sheet (i.e. one house broken up into 10 tiles, or one sprite broken up into 12 facings). Re-noting my first sentence, it will add up quickly. The numbers may vary, but essentially we're looking at about a 200$ deal.

Further information:

I'm hoping this will be a quick and friendly interaction. I would like to see a portfolio but it is not necessary given the transaction methodology. I am the lead software developer, and individual project manager, for an organization that releases educational software and soon games.


Using this thread or website's private messaging; you can give me your email to send you the first task.
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Re: I Need 2D RPG Graphics

Reply #1 on: November 29, 2012, 05:45:25 pm

We have several excellent artists who can contribute to your project.

Heavy Cat Studios is an animation house based in Southern California near Hollywood.  We offer creative services to game developers, producers, webmasters, directors, publishers and authors.  We have a team of 44 creative professionals with a variety of specialized talents in illustration, voice acting, sound engineering, interactive design and script doctoring.

We have produced art, voices, animation and pixel graphics for commercial games, comics, audiocasts, ebooks (Kindle), mobile apps (iPad and Android), video productions, soundtracks, music, book covers, illustrations and officially licensed merchandise.  We've been in business since 2007 and our parent company has been in business since 1996.

Visit to see examples of our work.  Please e-mail creativity at heavycatweb dot net if you have questions. 

Executive Producer
Palace in the Sky Productions LLC

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Re: I Need 2D RPG Graphics

Reply #2 on: December 17, 2012, 03:36:23 am
I'm new in spriting/pixel art. It's just what i need to make a start!
I have traditional drawing skills but no pixel portfolio, but give me a chance to show my skills.

PM me or send me an e-mail at: (or do both  ;D).

Waiting for the task  :y:!