AuthorTopic: [QUOTE NEEDED] Blanks / Lineart for Isometric Character Sprites  (Read 3274 times)

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This may or may not be a strange request.  I am looking for a set of blanks or lineart (whichever is easier, assuming I understand the terms) for characters in an isometric perspective, using the "usual" tile size of 64x32 tiles.

Specifically, I need both genders (unless you, the artist, feel your sprites are genuinely gender-neutral) at a minimum, facing in 8 directions (flipping is fine).  The next stage would be to include walking animations, and if we're not getting too greedy, perhaps also running and jumping animations.

That is, in priority listing, 1) standing 8 directions, 2) walking 8 directions, 3) jumping 8 directions, 4) running 8 directions.

I just need blanks / lineart, whichever fits your workflow best.

Somewhat realistic, somewhat cartoony.  They should fit a variety of settings, but I am anticipating usage in an RPG scenario.

I will be using these sprites in my games (plural) as placeholders.  I am not an artist, but I will fill them in as best I can to make a large variety of sprites, to flesh out the game more rapidly.  I only want blanks because I'm trying to create a renewable resource for quick prototyping art, as needs arise, for use in the development process.

Although I will probably be the principal user of these blanks, I will also put them on, under the Creative Commons BY 3.0 license, so that they can freely be used by anyone, for any purpose, so long as they attribute them to you, the artist.

The reason I'm not putting a price on this is that I have no idea what it should cost (hence the desire for a quote).  Also, I'm not sure how artists feel about their work being released open source, and how that would affect your desire to do the job.

Of course, if anyone wants to do it for free, or has a spare set of blanks lying around to donate to the open-source movement, I'd love that.  But I anticipate having to pay, and I'm willing to, I just don't know how difficult this work is.  I am not able to pay hourly wages; it would have to be one lump sum on receipt of work (or probably some percentage up front to show I am not a scammer, since I have no reputation here; this is fine).

Please reply by comments or PM, either with the amount you'd like, or even an estimate in the number of hours you think it would take you or someone else to perform this work.  Thank you for your consideration.