AuthorTopic: Should I seek a pixel artist for my little iso tile game project ?  (Read 3869 times)

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 Hi all,

I come quickly: I am a French student, I just finished my first year of engineering school, where we try some programming languages ​​more or less interesting.
Later I want to work on software, but for now I "have fun" to play with some basics that I have bought or that I learn on my side.

Today I present you some pictures of a small project that I develop myself. It's been a few months I learned to program in JAVA, and I am still very far from having a real good level.
Since I'm a fan of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA), I used provisionally game characters to represent the players on my essay.
Please bear with me.

The character who is attacking is on a white square. The enemy targeted by artificial intelligence (simple and basic) is on red box. A blue arrow points the ennemy. The yellow area is the distance of attack of the attacker.

As you can see, there is almost NO graphic style, just drawn isometric tiles in Java.
It is still very simple (in a new line) post boxes drawn pixel art, or change characters, etc..

Just open paint and give a report of this kind. My program makes the pixel of this shade of green, transparent.

OF COURSE it's a START, the interface is far from being completed, artificial intelligence provides only a step ahead (against a human player would destroy it without mercy.), Graphically nothing is worked, etc..
But the basis is there, and I can put almost as many players controlled by the computer I want, they will fight until only one remains.

Did you see that some characters have their feet moving ?
During the game, they are animated and always walking on the spot.

They all look the same direction because I'm too lazy to retrieve all the sprites needed. The blue arrow shows the direction for now, but it would suffice to have the characters .PNG and it is easily changed.

In your opinion, should I start looking for a pixel artist to make it more beautiful, more interesting, pushing each other to continue this project?

(actually, people knowing to do that or that (ok I admit, I got a little inspired by his disposal of the land for mine ...))

Obviously I want a skilled pixel artist, who does not expect to be paid, who knows with tiles recreate a world that makes you dreaming.

Last detail: you can create an entire field of a single block in one image, and overlay a matrix like this one TRANSPARENT. So instead of having a collection of tiles, you can also just create ONE ground in one piece. (well, ground + another image superimposed to affix the elements that must be in front of characters (walls, trees, bushes, etc..))

Thanks for reading et sorry for mistakes
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