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blu pixel dump

on: July 06, 2012, 07:35:58 am
I've been shamefully unproductive the past few years. I'm trying to change that. Maybe you guys can help me? I love getting comments and critiques, or edits just for the fun of it.

Flash game - Hover

Okay. First project is a tiny free Flash game. I've got 1-2 weeks to get the art assets done. It'll be posted on Newgrounds. The programmer is the friend of a friend, and we've already got a working demo with music. I've got some sketches here:

Here's the beginning of the tileset. The tiles started out 16x16 but I'm going to have to increase them to 32x32 or the the characters will be giants. I could shrink the characters but I'm having trouble showing details at this size already.

Perspective on the guy is too top down. I'm going to have to redraw him in profile like in the sketch.

Windows are meh. I'd like a dynamic reflection effect like Windows Aero. Not sure if that's feasible given the time limit. Happy with the greeble so far. Greeble is fun.

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Re: blu pixel dump

Reply #1 on: July 06, 2012, 09:20:16 am
random edits edits for the fun of it you say? I'll take that as encouragement enough  :crazy:

and I really like the playful mood of the sketches, I like the police bike the most out of the police variations  ;D interesting game

I'm the opposite I've sacrificed all my other pastimes and am currently being too productive  :blind:

* too top down? I thought he was hunched over like a surfer keeping balance
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