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I am here searching for [a] capable pixel artist(s) who is(are) willing to work with me.  The game I am making is called Forsaken Tomorrow (that title is not permanent - I'm brainstorming something catchier), and it is essentially about survival in a zombie-apocalyptic world.

As I said, it is about survival - not a kill-em-all.  Your goal is to keep yourself alive - find food, water, medicine if you are sick, get sleep - the basic necessities.  Major player-world-player interaction will keep the game going and the players on the edge of their seat.
Players can work together to stay alive, and even build their own economy via a bartering system that they control.  In a decaying world, nothing has monetary value anymore - the players decide their new value.  Food and water are necessary things, and some players may not like you getting near their supply.

An excerpt from the document:
"The environment would be useful as well as alterable. Perhaps a road sign incidates a grocery store is a few blocks away - a logical place to search for food. Or perhaps that same road sign has been interacted with by a fellow player; spraypainted to say "NO FOOD". It could be telling the truth, or it could be a lie to keep players away - food is a rare commodity, after all."

Now, what I need from anyone interested:
  • Someone willing to do detailed 64x64 artwork
  • Someone who will split their humans and zombies into pieces to allow easy customization
  • Someone willing to get into the art and really portray the feel of the game - muted colors, pale icons, except in the case of fires and such, which are bright and authoritative
  • Someone who can really distinguish the fluidity of the human body versus the rigidness of the undead

If any of this interested you, then please contact me.

Email: cka12895(at)

I should also mention that I am the game's programmer.  I am very capable and experienced.  I will likely be searching out another programmer to expand on the game (once a playable version is released) while I continue to work on the internals.

I am having some budget problems at the moment, but I do have a job and can pay you at some point.
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