AuthorTopic: [PAID] Fantasy tileset for a browser RPG, Exterior Landscapes and Airship  (Read 2894 times)

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Hey there,

My name is Jeremy. I am hobbyist indie developer. I am looking for an artist that can stick to a timeline that they provide. I prefer a flat payment vs hourly - if hourly I'm looking for $15-17 / hr. I pay 50% up front to artists with references available. If you have no references available then I will only provide payment after the work is complete. If you're still interested, please read on.

Tiles will need to be 16x16 in size and 3/4 perspective. Looking for a unique style but at a solid caliber, think SNES RPG - later releases. They are mostly exterior tiles - grassy knolls, hills, forests, foliage with the exception of an expansive set of Airship tiles, both exteriors and interiors.

Contact me with your price and any additional questions.
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