AuthorTopic: [WIP] Knight C+C  (Read 3209 times)

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[WIP] Knight C+C

on: February 07, 2012, 05:50:20 am
Hit a rut with this guy and I can't seem to make him look any better. I'm looking for any C+C ya wanna give! Any suggestions, comments, edits, Whatever. Thanks!
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Re: [WIP] Knight C+C

Reply #1 on: February 07, 2012, 02:34:38 pm
You could vary the colors a bit and not just have monochromatic gradients for shading to make it a bit more interesting to look at.
The chestpiece looks a bit oddly shaped. More inflated than it probably should be.
Maybe you could flatten it and give it a bit more definition.

The screen I'm on is quite borked in the contrast department so thake this with a grain of salt but it seems there's too much of a jump in contrast between the white and the lightest gray.
Maybe you can brighten everything up a little so the palette has a bit more of an even shading tone distribution.

Hope that helps.
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