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While not for game design, we're working with a client to develop some promotional sales brochures and require 2 detailed isometric pieces of artwork. We've seen designs similar to what we're looking for on sites such as iStockphoto but have specific requests from the client that we'd like an artist to accomodate.

A little about us: We're a small to medium sized business marketing company. We help these types of businesses develop clear and concise marketing to help solve their specific needs and goals. Being big believers in the power of the web we often work on developing sales software and web sites to help accomodate such goals. We leverage freelancers (artists, developers, designers, etc) from all over the globe to help pull off these types of projects for clients on a regular basis. We love what we do, have fun while we do it and love crossing the finish line and putting a smile on our customers faces. We hope you do to. :)

The artwork we're looking for here would be laid out in some sales collateral that we're in the process of piecing together with the client now. They're a supplier of industrial equipment such as barcode readers and RFID scanners so we're looking to create 2 different industrial scenes. i.e: a warehouse / shipping department and a shop floor / production line. These will be required for print so a higher resolution (300DPI) would be required as well.

See the attachments for some ideas on what we're looking for. If you think your art style / proficiency is to a point where you could pull this off then please get in touch with us. You can send us an e-mail at or call our toll free line at 1-888-670-5663

Include a link to your portfolio or include some samples and we can negotiate on timelines and compensation. We're looking for someone professional and who can deliver in a timely manner. Our budgets would allow for an artist in the $30-$50/hr range.

We look forward to hearing from you!



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