AuthorTopic: [Paid] Art for a 2D Platformer  (Read 3845 times)

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[Paid] Art for a 2D Platformer

on: October 04, 2011, 09:56:57 pm
Job Description
I haven't decided on a name yet, however, I will probably get to that later on. Anyway, the main concept of the game is a 2D Platformer adventure game, single player only. The project is rather large so the workload for the artist is a quite a good amount. What I'm looking for is an artist that is active and is willing to contribute what ever time they have to the sprites - 3-4 hours per day I'd say? I don't know, didn't think over the estimation. What ever fits you best we'll work around that.

No indolent artist.

You must have access to an e-mail or any other way of contacting you.

You must have a portfolio containing of sample work you've done in the past or recently did.

Additional Information:
The project is being managed by two people currently; myself and someone else. Unfortunately, I don't have any screenshots of the game's progress to show, so that's out of the question.

The transaction between the artist and myself will be paid. Contact me for more details, like if you want to know how much the compensation will be and any other additional questions you think is necessary.

Contact Information