AuthorTopic: [SUPER-WIP]How do I drawed robot?  (Read 2701 times)

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[SUPER-WIP]How do I drawed robot?

on: May 18, 2006, 01:36:50 am

:/ I've been out of the pixel scene for ages. I thought I'd try and get back.

C+C, if you please. (ha, I miss that)

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Re: [SUPER-WIP]How do I drawed robot?

Reply #1 on: May 18, 2006, 02:01:34 am
Very cool. But, um, why is he leanting back like that? His body looks offset from the...uh, torso-tube to the >>.
The hand looks Meh, along with the upper arm on the same side, and his shoulderwingthings look very plain.
What's that white thing up thar?
Aside from that stuff, this rocks. Cool to see you start pixelling again.

Heh, whoops, I didn't notice that [SUPER WIP], so I guess all of my crits are void, then.

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Re: [SUPER-WIP]How do I drawed robot?

Reply #2 on: May 18, 2006, 08:38:55 am
I can see your skills dripping off this piece. Amazing that you achieved a quality WIP like this after such a long time (How long? 2 days?! =p).
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Re: [SUPER-WIP]How do I drawed robot?

Reply #3 on: May 19, 2006, 07:22:50 am

i think its quite stylish! I just added a quick few outlines and some contrast adjustments. its in no way or means supposed to represent a finished rendition as id see it, and unfortunately the quality of my 'quick-edits' dont appear to be that wonderful anymore, hehehe... i think the main thing that i would change with what you have going on now would be some palette choices. i love the green/mint color choices for the shell pieces of the robot, but looking at the grey values, ... theyre pure grey! not that theres always something wrong with that (pure grey looks nice on those shoulder pad looking things), but it would be more interesting to get some variation in there... so i turned that pure grey into a yellowish tinted grey to accent your mint green. Also, watch your saturation, i think you could do with a bit more in the areas that have more highlight! (especially with metal, if you dont have strong contrasting shading and are trying to achieve the anime/capcop metal look, saturated highlights are the way to go).

other than that its just a matter of you getting in there and detailing out the crevices mr. :)

long time no see, and hope you stick around!

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Re: [SUPER-WIP]How do I drawed robot?

Reply #4 on: May 20, 2006, 01:58:54 am
 Ltns too, St0ven. I agree with St0ven there. Nemesis have told me the hue variation is important in getting an anime/capcom feel look. I can give you some anatomy on drawing robots such as mecha genre. 


 *Legs will look better if the lower leg is longer than the upper.
 *Make them big and strong.
 *Add mechanical armor to them.
 *Two types of legs: Long, Slender Type
                             Short Fat legs type


  *Use the arms of cranes and escalators as a reference.
  *Arm Types: Cylindrical Type, Rectangular/Square type, muscular, etc.


     Types of Chests: Inverted Triangle Shaped,
                             Square shaped
                             Spherical shaped
                             Stand Shape (Parallagram shape)
      Facial Features:

                              Eyes: Polygonal, Circular, Crescent, Rectangle, Goggles, and camera lens.
                              Mouth: Convex type (e.g. gundam type mouths) , flat type, and concave type    mouth.

      Head Design:      Apply a beveled design to the overall face.
      Hips: T-type (Shaped like a T) , Underwear Type, Underwear Type (With sides straight)

      Shoulder Designs: Circular, Squarish, Belt and armor type, etc

    I am a little tired to write more, I'll give more info on doing them later.