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[Available] Icons / Environment / Backgrounds

on: May 31, 2022, 12:56:45 pm

Shader / Technical Art help / Tutoring - flexible
In addition being an artist I also have experience with game development. I can help you with the development of shaders, art pipelines, post-processing and other technical art challenges.
I primarily work in Godot but also have plenty of experience with OpenGL, GLSL, C++ and C#. First hour is free, afterwards 25/hr.

2 - Icons (24x24px each)

25 - Mini Structures (up to 96x96px each)

100 - Static background (up to 320x160px each)

200+ - Tilesets
Milestone based, includes development of style, shape and color language through mood boards and concept art. Cost depends on size and complexity. I can also help setting up auto-tiling for your level editor and/or procedural generator. (RPG Maker, Tiled, GameMaker, Godot, etc.)

If you are not happy with my work in any way I will give you a full refund!  :)

4 days delivery time for individual commissions. For larger projects I will send you frequent updates on the progress.

Please contact me via E-Mail:

If you can please include a short description and/or a reference image to make the process as straightforward as possible.