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Cheap pixel artist

on: July 30, 2010, 08:04:26 pm
My name is Joseph Fox, my timezone is CST (GMT-6), and I am looking for paid pixel art commissions.

I am a perfectionist, and I try my hardest to fit descriptions, references, or suggestions.
My email is ambientx(at)live(dot)com. I generally check my email on a daily basis. I can usually respond on MSN Messenger within a few hours.

Private project

Tile set mockup
Software project


I have minimal experience in digital painting.
My host is having ftp problems, thus the transparency issues.

Payment is best received via PayPal. I am generally a slow worker and feel guilty to charge the $15/hr I believe I'm worth, so I will charge roughly $8-$15/hr, more if I like how it turned out (but not unreasonably more).
Prices will be estimated before doing a piece and are subject to change. Upon finishing I will send a medium quality jpeg, and then you may purchase the detailed image. Should an issue arise, I will refund any money for incomplete works. If you don't like the jpeg, that does not qualify as a before said issue.
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