AuthorTopic: WIP Hobby/Project Sprite/Art?  (Read 3549 times)

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WIP Hobby/Project Sprite/Art?

on: July 27, 2010, 12:33:19 am
Greetings, my name is Vordox, as a internet name.

I've been up and about and doing some sprites since over several years now, ever since I first started out with editing MM7 back in the days of when BobandGeorge were active. Where I found out that I had quite fun doing both edits for the first few years but later on became more and more scratch made.
Now some years after that I had lost the will and interest about it due to, well, life getting in the way. :P
However nowadays I'm more and more curious about making sprite concepts, the old 1 pixel per pixel touch up slow way, while also contributing to something with a few others.

Right now I'm slightly interested in TGL Forums as they are trying to get a few people together just to make a fun game of an old Classic Visual Styled The Guardian Legend NES game.
For fun I decided to join up and do alittle help here and there, and doing quite a few things at the moment with it.

Anyway, enough of the short introduction...That wasn't short at all but hey, now I'm making some concept sprites that sadly do break the rules of the NES so I am not certain I should post this here, but I would gladly accept any CC about things that may happen during the slight work I am doing with this image.
So, let me present "Lydia", her current code name.
all Versions stepwise:

It's still pretty much work in progress, and I will keep updating this once I think I have done enough touch up for an update.
Since it's still in the making it's easier to accept C&C from the current one to avoid further bigger problem that would arise later on.
No refence material collected or viewed for this.

Specs: The Suit is a simple robust Tight/armor mix, so it's very hard to shade correctly, Going to play around with colours a bit to see which suits the best.

PS: This does not have anything to do with the game but it's more of a challenge to myself to see if I haven't lost too much of my touch due to inactivity as an older piece of Sprite art i made back in the days when I was doing some sprite things for my own game.
This is the one I am most proud of.

Current Ideas to update on Lydia(First image.)
-Colour palette
-Removed Outline
-Facial Expression
-Backpack Engine
-Changed her eyes. Even though they look more like a "huh" rather then a demeaning glare. =/

So, any comments or critique of what I should try and avoid?


updated with the 8th piece.

New Piece of "design"

Engine Backpack of Lydia.
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Re: WIP Hobby/Project Sprite/Art?

Reply #1 on: August 04, 2010, 07:19:13 pm
Welcome! I'm relatively new here myself, but seeing as no one else has taken the initiative yet to respond to your critique request, I might as well give it a shot.  :crazy:

To clarify... By concept sprite, do you mean something to develop her visual characteristics and personality... but not something you plan to animate, right?
Because I could definitely see you using this for a splash screen, but the size is pretty much unworkable for animation.

Alright, my recommendations are primarily focused on the anatomy. First off is the skeletal structure. It seems like she might be hunched forward with her head cocked slightly to the side.
Assuming that this is not going to be animated, I would also consider changing her walk cycle to a more climatic moment. With one leg straight and the other bent over it, it almost looks like she sees a stain on the side of her pants.  ;)
...Also you might want to extend the neck, especially where the jaw line is meets up with her clothes.

If you want to go for the pose, maybe try adjusting the knee and lighting to pull it away from her other leg. I get that reference pictures aren't always fun, but here's one you might find useful anyways:
I get that the clothes are a tight armor, but they strike me as very narrow and cylindrical, which doesn't do the curving limbs underneath justice.  ::)

Here's a quick edit to show what I was talking about.

Hope this helps!  :D

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Re: WIP Hobby/Project Sprite/Art?

Reply #2 on: August 04, 2010, 08:29:37 pm
Thank you for the reply. :)

And yes, concept sprite, was merely created to make a more detailed suit/armor/Characteristics, decals and other things to add something more to it when in close up in the game.
See it as the first image of something you want to create. And no plans to animate or anything, too big for that really.

She is supposed to be hunched over from her back to her head, as leaning towards the Handcannon(You'll see later if I get that one done as well.), and it's supposed to be looking down the person infront of her with a cold gaze of superiority or a fear inducing stare, so that's why she tilts/cocks her head like that.

The neck really looks to be shortened now that you mention it, that'll be easily fixed in the upcoming one.

As for the leg pose, it's supposed to look like she is standing on the inner leg while the other leg is bent out forwards from the angle she is standing.

The armor will be updated on the next 2-3 sprite updates, making certain which is the "tight" and which is the more robust pieces of the suit. (Specifically, the chest upper part to her shoulders, and the hip/forearms, which are the harder parts.) The curves is a good idea, already have a few ideas on how to see those soon as well. :)

Also, noticed that the pointy bit should NOT be there, aye. >.< That's a big nono from my part that I didn't see.

Thanks for the critique. :)

Original bone structure

-Added more things to the backpack(From this point of view atleast.)
-Added Small joints between the robust/Tight to distinguish them easier - Think I can't improve it more without destroying what I was aiming for. =/
-Changed the hip alittle to make it more obviuos she's standing on one leg
-Some minor details on the suit

I'm not sure but I think I'm done with it. =/ Unless something really looks off.
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Re: WIP Hobby/Project Sprite/Art?

Reply #3 on: August 21, 2010, 03:55:28 am
Another piece uploaded.
Think I'm gonna try and keep the "simple" style of design, rather then make it too clunky.

So any final words about this that looks odd?

Edit: Updated first with an image of the backpack design.
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