AuthorTopic: [WIP] Rock Giant Thing...  (Read 2542 times)

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[WIP] Rock Giant Thing...

on: March 29, 2010, 05:29:37 am
There is so much I dislike about it, but I don't want to give up on this piece.   :-[

I'm just wondering if anyone has any constructive criticism they'd like to give me on how to improve it. As you can see, the bottom-half of the giant is not yet completed, mostly because I have no clue how to work out the structure on the legs nor feet. The grass and tree will come after the monster is finished. I also need some help with a better more vibrant palette choice and especially the right hand (The current hand is only a place holder, I do realize it's extremely ugly) of his which I can't seem to get to look right. Thanks in advance.  :crazy:

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Re: [WIP] Rock Giant Thing...

Reply #1 on: March 31, 2010, 11:59:39 am
This is pretty damn charming. Nice work on the face.

The pose is isn't very natural - maybe just abandon the stepping-up part altogether & have him lean his weight on the tree. Alternatively, abandon the tree-grasping & have him climbing the hill mid-stride.

I don't mind the engorged forearm thing (in fact I quite like it) but the anatomy needs work, & would benefit from less definition there in particular, because it's less clear there whether the highlights are light or whether they're just delineating particular muscles.

Navel is way too low (Unless it's a urethra sort-of thing). Knees look a bit concave.

more vibrant palette choice
Those edits are the most fun.

After drawing some rocks recently, I've been able to get a rocky appearance with gray midtones & warm shadows. I don't know why.
I might have boosted the contrast too much, I can't tell after a while.
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