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Virtual Boy Chu Chu Rocket Mockup

on: March 28, 2010, 08:41:27 pm
I made a mock-up of Chu Chu Rocket.  This blog post on Atari-age sorta forced me to do a mock-up because I wanted to imaginate this game playing on the real system.

Blog post:  Kiwi is my name over there.

Complete mockup:


Sprite sets:
Chu Chu:

Reference: I took the level out of this picture.
This screen shot is the most unique from the other I search on google. The tiles, and other object help me get an idea what the object would look like upscaled to 24x24 tiles.  I used various dream cast picture and video to give me an idea where the number goes.

Comment:  I decided to go with 24x24 tileset since the virtual box maximum resolution  is 384x224 and Wario Land used 24x24 tiles for their hit-blocks.  Surprisely the level size matches the real game, which the tiles are 9 down, 12 across.  Everything seems to fit nicely in this mockup.  I didn't complete the cat sprite set because I was doing this mock-up for fun and I couldn't stop myself from making it after the guy on that blog kept mentioning Chu-chu Rocket clone for the virtual boy.  This whole thing took around 5 hours to do, and Paint Shop Pro 4 didn't have layer so the level barrier looks odd. 

I used to be on old pixelation back in 2003-2004. So I decided to rejoin this forums today.