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Pixel Art / Re: Back for some more
« on: October 18, 2006, 03:54:31 pm »
Hello. The good first: your pixelling technique is on a good path, though unadventurous in my opinion, but it seems that opinion that you should maximise the usage of palettes and aa where you can etc is not shared by fighter sprite entusiasts, althogether a different breed from general disciples of the pixel in that they're content to make art that looks like capcom or snk sprites. So that that as you will. You're well on your way to matching 1990-era snk style.

The bad:

It's very clear your anatomical knowledge is rudimentary, and you've successfully to degrees hidden this problem in your pixel artwork because it's low-res and the length of limbs more or less is correct on most of these. You need to study the underlying musclature that makes up the human body. Basically, you need to stop seeing a human being as a collection of vaguely oval shapes, and see under the skin. Where each muscle goes, how muscle ties under muscle, supporting bone. This is difficult, and it'll take intensive real life study, not fighter-sprite-study to come to terms with it eventually. And when you do, you will refine these skills endlessly for the rest of your life.

What you also need to do, is work on constructing a human being thusly, so he obeys some center of gravity rules and seems to have a real weight about him. Your figures lack balance and gravital center completely. Furthermore you should work on mesostructural proportion (how big a chest is compared to a limb, not just lengths which you've got ok more or less) and finally, you need to break out of the wooden poses you've got going here. I look at those and go 'what are they waiting for?' They're more dolls than they a re fighter sprites, they portray no emotion or character for each of the individual fighters, no pose for combat to speak of, nothing but an idle human dressed in designer clothing.

To do this, you should go to an art store and buy a book on the human anatomy. You should spend quality time with it for a long time. When you return to pixels your powers will have grown greatly. This is how you'll become better, in my opinion. If you just want to make vaguely snkish doll sprites, you're good to go right now.


I am by no means any master of anatomy, but this should show you how much effort goes into planning a pose realistically. I even make the center of gravity mistake here, this body is leaning needlessly forward (where i've mared 'bad!!') and the shins are too long probably... so on. This is where you should be heading towards.

Stance, I am working on that now since I read that. And what are you talking about on the palettes part? Should I use like 24 or 36 colors on one character?

Pixel Art / Re: Back for some more
« on: October 18, 2006, 02:48:42 pm »
What do you mean by the bases you used? I guess post those.

Well here is the girls.

This was used for a torso for someone but never went far with it.

I used this for the witch at one time and then I just scrapped it for a new stand for her.

I used this for the witch.

This I used for the pink haired chick.

I was about to use this on my devil chick but.... I didn't like it (It didn't fit her) so...

I used this for the devil chick instead.

Those are all, I have more female postures or sizes. I might make a new one for the Pink haired girl and my other 7 females I am making.

@Pixelfish: Those sketches are my base. I make them on Photoshop just then I shrink them to sprite size before I ever color and etc. I am capable of making High Res, but those are what I did and I made them sprite size for now.

Pixel Art / Re: Back for some more
« on: October 17, 2006, 10:22:40 pm »
Wow, he wasn't accusing you, just making sure. You're sounding awfully defensive (just's a joke...ha). The sprites are very good, just fix the balance. And you have to admit that it is just a tad suspicious (not accusing you of anything  :crazy:) that you asked him to do it with the rest of your sprited.

Oh yeah. I apologize for sounding sarcastic a bit. It's that I worked on these for like more than a week and then I had to redo or refix the sprites again and again. It's hard work, but meh.

Yeah I have more sketch scans I am about to scan some more.

And yes, I have a short fuse temper, so sorry for that short burst.

Pixel Art / Re: Back for some more
« on: October 17, 2006, 09:41:56 pm »
Are you sure you pixeled these? Your sounding awful suspicious.

Let me scan and show you the bases I used, It's on my paper so I will show you dude if you do not believe me.

Here is one I used for the first two.

This one is the top guy in black and his demon form. But I dark lined the parts I used and drew the legs myself.

This one is the torso of the guy with the t-shirt and the star in the middle.

But if you don't believe the scan, maybe I can take a pic of me with my sketches to prove to you that I didn't edit or edit from someone else. Damn man.

Pixel Art / Re: Back for some more
« on: October 17, 2006, 04:17:59 pm »
Why should he do it? You do it. You're trying to learn here, right?

Woah Cowboy. Didn't mean to. I fixed it myself this morning with the Axis Wheel.

Pixel Art / Re: Back for some more
« on: October 17, 2006, 12:20:34 pm »
Are any of these edits?

No, I drew them. Took awhile but I can scan my dummy body sketches.

@Victor: Thanks. Can you do that for like the Top two Lake and his Demon from as well as the second form of Rae?

Pixel Art / Re: Back for some more
« on: October 17, 2006, 01:36:48 am »
These all look great, but it seems that some of them are leaning a bit too much forward (The ones that come to mind are the first, second, fifth, and sixth.)

Thanks, yeah it was hard to get their still standing part when I drew it. I might need a little pointers for those two. But I am looking at Rock and King for right now.

Pixel Art / Back for some more
« on: October 17, 2006, 12:50:43 am »
Hey everyone, I heard about the new update of the site so I came back. Here is some new stuff I did. So enjoy. :y:

Pixel Art / Some finished sprites of mine and some on progress
« on: July 28, 2006, 04:28:16 am »
Greetings, Mr. Man_Slaughting Angel here to show you some stuff I made

and here is some that are not done yet. Please be aware of the other two I post

Anything helps thanks, and I am new here so please do not bite me

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