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Pixel Art / WIP Hobby/Project Sprite/Art?
« on: July 27, 2010, 12:33:19 am »
Greetings, my name is Vordox, as a internet name.

I've been up and about and doing some sprites since over several years now, ever since I first started out with editing MM7 back in the days of when BobandGeorge were active. Where I found out that I had quite fun doing both edits for the first few years but later on became more and more scratch made.
Now some years after that I had lost the will and interest about it due to, well, life getting in the way. :P
However nowadays I'm more and more curious about making sprite concepts, the old 1 pixel per pixel touch up slow way, while also contributing to something with a few others.

Right now I'm slightly interested in TGL Forums as they are trying to get a few people together just to make a fun game of an old Classic Visual Styled The Guardian Legend NES game.
For fun I decided to join up and do alittle help here and there, and doing quite a few things at the moment with it.

Anyway, enough of the short introduction...That wasn't short at all but hey, now I'm making some concept sprites that sadly do break the rules of the NES so I am not certain I should post this here, but I would gladly accept any CC about things that may happen during the slight work I am doing with this image.
So, let me present "Lydia", her current code name.
all Versions stepwise:

It's still pretty much work in progress, and I will keep updating this once I think I have done enough touch up for an update.
Since it's still in the making it's easier to accept C&C from the current one to avoid further bigger problem that would arise later on.
No refence material collected or viewed for this.

Specs: The Suit is a simple robust Tight/armor mix, so it's very hard to shade correctly, Going to play around with colours a bit to see which suits the best.

PS: This does not have anything to do with the game but it's more of a challenge to myself to see if I haven't lost too much of my touch due to inactivity as an older piece of Sprite art i made back in the days when I was doing some sprite things for my own game.
This is the one I am most proud of.

Current Ideas to update on Lydia(First image.)
-Colour palette
-Removed Outline
-Facial Expression
-Backpack Engine
-Changed her eyes. Even though they look more like a "huh" rather then a demeaning glare. =/

So, any comments or critique of what I should try and avoid?


updated with the 8th piece.

New Piece of "design"

Engine Backpack of Lydia.

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