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Pixel Art / Re: [WIP] Moving Mountains
« on: May 19, 2010, 09:15:39 pm »
Interesting, Gennoveus
Also onek, I need it to be that size because it's going to be the background in a game, but I will take what you said into consideration.

EDIT: Here's an update. Still got quite a lot of cleaning up to do.
EDIT2: Updated the picture again. Also, rather than making the bottom half fade, I'm going to make it be covered by mist/clouds that will scroll ingame.

Pixel Art / [WIP] Moving Mountains
« on: May 19, 2010, 07:19:24 pm »
Working on making a mountain, but I've never made a pixel art of this size before and I've never been good at pixelling nature/land
Any tips? I wanna keep it simple and the color count down. I plan on making the bottom part fade into the background using a bit of dithering. I also don't plan on making this with only 3 shades, I'll add more as I go. I just could use any help I could get on this.

Pixel Art / This is bugging me
« on: April 30, 2010, 11:25:32 pm »
Somethin bout this here Slowbro just ain't right.

I just probably can't see what it is specifically due to staring at it for so long.
EDIT: I think I got it...maybe. I dunno

EDIT2: After not looking at it for a while I realized a lot of it was proportion, so I fixed it up a bit more and think I got what was bothering me. Critiques are still welcome though

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: [WIP] Dragonite
« on: April 26, 2010, 10:31:32 pm »
Oh wow, I appreciate the edit. I've been kinda ignoring the whole stomach area through most of this editing and been focusing on the orange. This'll be a big help in improving this.

EDIT: You really did get carried away. It was too hard to follow with your changes to apply them myself, so I just worked off them and adjusted it to my liking, I hope you don't mind. If you do I could always just go back and try again and working the changes in myself. With your changes to the skin I felt the orange's shadows were too light, so I messed with the palette a bit there and made several changes here and there, mainly to the face.

Pixel Art / [WIP] Perspective Test
« on: April 26, 2010, 09:24:29 pm »
I've never worked well with perspective, but I think I got something that seems like a good start to me.

I didn't really use a reference, I've drawn Metal Sonic enough to know what he looks like. Here's one you guys could use as far as critiquing goes though.

EDIT: Got some basic shading down, not worrying about palette at this point.

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: [WIP] Dragonite
« on: April 26, 2010, 07:26:23 pm »
That looks even more flat to me. I'll keep messing with the colors and shading to see what I come up with. A big part of making this was so I could try new things and attempt to improve upon my weaknesses like the colors and the outline thing. I'll update later with anything I come up with.
EDIT: Messed with the shading and color

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: [WIP] Dragonite
« on: April 25, 2010, 05:43:12 pm »
I've always hated outlines, but I also hate using black backgrounds that have no purpose. I should probably mess around more with things to see if I can get something looking good without a useless background and without the selective outlining.

EDIT: Yeah, this is why I hate outlines. It makes the image much more flat.

I have 2 different shades for the outline. The darkest shade of orange and the eye pupil color to prevent adding another color to the palette. I made the pupil color a bit more orange to make it blend better. I also messed with the shading on the one with an outline because the original shading was messed up once the outline was added.

EDIT2: Here was an idea that got rid of both the selout and the outline. Better?

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: [WIP] Dragonite
« on: April 24, 2010, 01:38:02 pm »
I always have issues with the colors XP

Made it less bright

Pixel Art Feature Chest / GR#021 - Dragonite - Sprite Process
« on: April 23, 2010, 11:35:15 pm »
Still in early stages.

Gettin' there...

'nother update


Hot Dawg


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