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General Discussion / Re: Official Off-Topic Thread
« on: November 23, 2009, 12:15:18 pm »
Ok, not sure about this but I haven't seen any regulations for posting links to other forums but I have to post this as it's incrediby messed the F up!

I really think this guy is going to need more than a nipple twist simulator.

I've decided their is such a thing as going to far with pixels.

Archived Activities / Re: Secret Santa 09 Signup!
« on: November 23, 2009, 12:31:28 am »
@taka- I'm not certain of that but I will give my best shot anyway.

@ptoing- Just letting you know you spelt my name wrong on the first page but that's just a minor nit-pick.

Archived Activities / Re: Secret Santa 09 Signup!
« on: November 22, 2009, 09:47:27 am »
Fine count me in, It will be good practice. I just hope I get an easy one.  ;D

Okay likes:


Robots. (sorry people I hate them, even robotic dragons)

Archived Activities / Re: Secret Santa 09 Signup!
« on: November 22, 2009, 06:08:08 am »
I'm with Tuna here, I'd love to join but I think people would be dissapointed with what I give them.

What I do wan't to know (because I'm new here) Will we be able to get to see everyones gifts. It would be nice to see what people get. :3

Pixel Art / Re: [WIP] Brain counter
« on: November 22, 2009, 06:01:43 am »
I'd honestly go with a yellow outline and a black fill for the text so it matches those brain cutouts. As for text, I tend to cheat. I usually look for a font that looks fitting, then I create the font andthen pixel over the top of it until I get the desired affect so I can't really help you out in creating your own font. All though a minor suggestion, try going for a more curvy text since the rest of the image is made up of curves rather than straight lines.

Pixel Art / Re: First Pixel art.
« on: November 22, 2009, 05:52:36 am »
That's looking much better but for the bottom right clump of leaves I wouldn't use a highlight colour as rest of the canopy wuld have that small piece cast in shadow. Add more of your dark colour as well to a few more of the upper clumps so it doen't just look like a select line of dark as it does now.

(It's good to see someone who learns from the advice given)


Pixel Art / Re: Chatterbox
« on: November 22, 2009, 05:47:46 am »
Hmmm no feedback yet, I guess I will take that as a good thing. (or people just don't like my personality... meh)

Anyway I know I shouldn't double post but I want some critisism on the line work of my hand.

I've never been good at hands so I want to know if I'm going in the right direction before I draw the other two.

Oh yeah and I'm using this as a referance:

I plan on putting a pearl in the middle as blue symbolises trust and wisdom. (The pearl is supposed to be referance to the pearl of wisdom that many dragons gaurd)

Pixel Art / Re: Death Lord - PixelArt Scene
« on: November 21, 2009, 05:44:19 pm »
Okay try holding a rod in your hand. See how the thumb goes the opposite way around to the fingers? That's what your missing with the thumb.

More prominent chest muscles would be an improvement. Right now I can't tell if that's a chest underline or a bone necklace.

Pixel Art / Chatterbox
« on: November 21, 2009, 05:39:51 pm »
For my works secret santa I got some one renowne for talking way too much. So I 'm making a chatterbox with pixel images. Initially I was going to make all points connet like that but since I've only got till the 14 of December and I'm a relatively slow and inexperienced pixel artist I decided to pass on making them connect. Anyway this is frame 9, amusingly it's green with a Tree. (everyones doing trees, yay) I'm restricting each colour I use to 5 shades. C&C on thiswould be helpful.

This is the final idea.

Origionally I was ging to have the three roots wrap around the tree like so with multiples of the msic symbols in between the lines but it didn't function so I wussed out and did something easier.

(ps it's frame 9 on my sheet but yeah)

Pixel Art / Re: Death Lord - PixelArt Scene
« on: November 21, 2009, 03:36:31 pm »
Much better, the feet are still bothering me though. See how Opacus has his turned out and stick out more on the outsides.

Also just curious what happened to his thumb.

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