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Pixel Art / Re: [wip] Face
« on: May 10, 2010, 01:47:29 pm »
I'm liking the idea so far, the only reason I haven't commented yet is I've chosen to lurk more than I used to that and the fact the green zombie like face kind of wierds me out.
So even though I know they are place-hold colours it still puts me off replying.

Anyway I'm no sure but the lips look slightly odd to me. They feel offset. Then again I'm not great at anatomy so yeah.

Pixel Art / Re: Rocket Bike To Space
« on: May 10, 2010, 01:30:22 pm »
Wow that was kind of fun! I got the same score as jakerpot but died 211 times. Only died four times up until I got to the snow section. Was there a jump in difficulty or what. That first snow ball got me the majority of times. Concidering you made this in 2 days I commend you!

Pixel Art / Re: Ahhh yeah... me again.
« on: May 05, 2010, 11:42:41 pm »
Oops should have mentioned I was still editing, just wanted to know if the new colour selection was too harsh before I continued. I still plan on straightening the reflections and editing the sky further.

Really need to make myself ore vocal and obvious sometimes.

Ps I think the brown looks better than the grey for the cloud line. Why didn't I think of using it since I got rid of it as  sky colour???



Pixel Art / Re: Ahhh yeah... me again.
« on: May 05, 2010, 01:15:45 am »
Were Australian, we essentially are jailed here for life! Ok stupid joke.

Yeah the angle disturbed me and still does when I look at it.Plus it creates a 2-1-2-1 angle which is jaggy and ugly, a 45 degree line probably would have looked more appropriate but I thought it was a bit to harsh looking for the calm mood I was aiming for which I'm pretty sure I failed with anyway. So it was a choice to go an isometric line angle.

My eye's may be tricking me on this point then, I find a ripple in the water, direction of light source and distance from object shifts it with each aspect. Though as I stated this may be a trick of my eye and I will make the angling less harsh.

Dark Green? Maybe my monitor is off because that colour looks almost black compared to the blue on mine.

Yeah I feared the sky, I wasn't happy with it at all. I will try removing the yellow and white/blue to see where that leads and try a different skyline effect. It's a tricky pallet for what I'm trying to do but I prefered the pink skyline to any other combination I messed with. Yet again I may need to adjust my monitor.

Thanks for comments, will start fixing what I can immediately. (off work sick so got nothing better to do)

EDIT: Just a quick colour test:

Better/worse? To me it's a bit harsh in brightness but it may be due to my monitor as well as my eyes being sensitive to light.

Pixel Art / Re: Ahhh yeah... me again.
« on: May 04, 2010, 03:21:13 pm »
I swear it says 5th of march!? ...  ??? Oh well maybe I can Wip it there then. ^_^

Got any opinions?

EDIT: They put month first... oops.

Pixel Art / Ahhh yeah... me again.
« on: May 04, 2010, 02:17:59 pm »
Yep I know you all thought I'd stopped bothering you. Nah just kidding.

Anyway so I took off for a while again to 'practice' and hopefully got a little better. Anyway googling random junk on well google this came up randomly.

Yeah I noticed it was old but I was like what the hell, google threw it in my face so I might have a go at it.

Anyway I had bugger all ideas what to create and started thinking 'I live in Bunbury, the only interesting thing nearby is the Bunbury milk carton' So I decided to pixel that.

I used this image as my main reference as well as this:

And I came up with this:


Anyway C&C greatly appreciated!

ps. The window/lights on the tower may start to look like one new colour, should I place two of the dark grey between each of the window lines?

Pixel Art / Re: The Oregon Trail doodle, a "pixel Alchemy".
« on: April 29, 2010, 02:08:11 am »
Logged in solely to comment this. I love them.
'm not sure if it was intentional but when I look at these two together I gt the feeling that they are both the same setting just a different angle, one comes from behind the person (the first) and the second is facing towards the person.One shows the water as a black mass the other as a reflective surface, probably due to the hidden light source.
The only thing that ruins this composition for me is the line that forms on the first piece up the top left. everything just cuts off at this vertical line and everything in your image has flow except this small point.
I'd personally remove any horizontal and vertical lines that aren't the pseudo frames as they kind of mess up the energy in my opinion. Not that my opinion is that great lol.

Neat work!  :y:

ps is that meant to be a mini-shrine at the bottom left of the second piece?

Pixel Art / Re: Crows [Me] Alter Ego
« on: April 13, 2010, 02:03:17 am »
First off don't expect to get reply's straight p there are a lot of lurkers like myself.
I rarely ever post because I'm not to proud of my pixel ability so I'm trying to improve before I do show anything more.

First thing I have to say is if your planing to put this in an avatar I wouldn't have the wings outstretched because a lot of sites have size restrictions.
Second thing is the lack of shading on the body and armour etc... compared to the hair. The hair looks like it has dimension while the rest looks flat which weird me out.

Next thing is the jaggies that show up on the wings. try cleaning that up a bit.

The only real issue I find is some strange tuffles of hair sticking up just above (our) left shoulder. It looks odd and if it's meant to be feathers it blends too much into the hair.
Not sure what others may think but to me it confuses the flow of the hair.

Keep up the progress!

Pixel Art / Re: Working On some Rocks
« on: March 03, 2010, 05:14:32 am »
Ok I like what your aiming for in the second and third but your shading is blagh. The design is great but I think you need to choose your light source and think what part of each rock said light will hit.
Right now it looks like your light is from directly above and each individual rock is shaded as if it's directly under the light source.
You need to imagine the rocks overlapping and how that would affect light and shadow. That should halt the floating look. The colour choice in your second image was much better than the third and forth. In fact the origional one was alright too. (the three colours I like to use are a yellow a brown and a purple plus any ramp colours I decide to use)

Pixel Art / Re: Dithering Practice (cartoon wolf)
« on: March 02, 2010, 04:32:14 am »
Well to be totally honest I didn't even notice the multiple plane thing until you pointed it out and then it looked obvious as heck. It's amazing how much we see what we want to see. Having another set of eyes really helps.

So anyway I tried to study several fur/wool and hair textures and tried to create a texture using the dither technique.
Unfortunately while all the references look really good my texture came out like a tribal art reject.

Just the one leg again so far. I'm certain is a lot better but it still looks horrible to me. Am I trying to create to chunky of texture pieces.
Do I need relax the dither.
Am I not extending it enough.
Am I destroying the shadows.

I'm not sure what it is or a combination of them all but I seem to be missing something important.
Oh well I'm going to keep practicing.

EDIT: It actually looks kind of like Tiger fur now that I think about it. -_-

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