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Pixel Art / Re: First Attempt at Animation. 2D fighting game[WIP]
« on: October 25, 2009, 09:02:52 pm »
CrazyMLC, the body isn't supposed to move other than the arm which moves for counter balancing the momentum of the kick. It's supposed to be like those rapid TKD kicks that you snap out really using only your core for power. The best example I could find was here, at 00:40. And yes, the legs are supposed to stretch, they are supposed to look elastic and rubbery (just a little).

Shrike, Hitmonlee is all about the kicks, so if I threw a punch in there it would probably ruin the character. That's actually why I chose this character first, I'll do punches later with the next character.

Anyway, here is a WIP after several hours of work. C+C is very welcome

Pixel Art / Re: First Attempt at Animation. 2D fighting game[WIP]
« on: October 24, 2009, 06:53:19 am »
Kick 1:
Kick 2:

Changed up the palette on the legs so they aren't so similar to the body, and also added the highlights to the legs ala Zoggles suggestion, although I added another highlight color instead of just using white, which brings the color count up to 15. Really makes the sprite pop like Zoggle said. The Muay Thai references were invaluable for making the wind up frames on the kicks.

The character is supposed to have noodle legs as was observed. There's only supposed to be a very ambiguous idea of where knees would be if the character actually had a proper leg structure. Actually, I guess I should just post the source picture. I also added a little bit of stretch to them in the kick animations to emphasize their noodlyness. I might add even another stretch frame later on.

I added in that long combo animation just to show how versatile these two animations are for the fast combos. Now to move on the Power Kicks.

Brod, the kicks aren't meant to come straight from the idle animation, but I guess you can see that now. But that reference will be very useful for future animations, so thank you very much. Is there a website that has more of those?
Please C+C!

Update: Added motion blur. Better? My first time doing motion blur, so please critique that too.

Pixel Art / Re: First Attempt at Animation.
« on: October 23, 2009, 04:39:49 am »
Thank you so much Gil for the references and Zoggles for pointing out my mistakes. The references were a big help with my other animations, especially the street fighter one. I didn't even realize that I was subconciously using a Muay Thai stance. I will post edits soon and maybe some new animations.

Pixel Art / First Attempt at Animation. 2D fighting game[WIP]
« on: October 22, 2009, 01:44:36 pm »
Hello there everyone, I am TVboyCanti, and this is my first post here at Pixelation forums. I have been practicing pixel art and traditional art for maybe a little under a year now, mostly doing sprites for a pokemon forum called Smogon. As my skill at pixel pushing has slowly increased over the months, I have become eager to try new styles of pixel art. I have browsed many pixel-art forums in search of new pixeling ideas, and upon discovering this forum, I was simply blown away at the professionalism and high level of critique that is given by the members of this forum.

Anyway, I am in the early stages of attempting to build a pokemon 2D fighter for the users at Smogon. I have no idea if I will finish this game or not, but it's mainly a motivational tool to help me churn out animations and keep me excited. Because I will be making this myself, am relatively inexperienced at spriting and have very little free time, I have decided to use very small sprites for this game, basically the smallest you can get without becoming icons. I already have several sprite outlines made, and a couple of sillouette animations, but this is my first finished animation. I started with something simple, and idle stance for a pokemon called Hitmonlee, that uses fast powerful kicks. As I said before, this is my first finished animation, and I know that it's probably awful, so I hope that you guys will use your vast knowledge and skills to rip this sprite a new one and show me what needs to be improved.

8 unique frames, 10 colors, 8 frames long.

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