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Pixel Art / Re: [wip] Chickens (TitleScreen for a game)
« on: March 14, 2007, 07:50:59 am »
I don't particularly like the foreground chickens, the design isn't too appealing, the poses seem inconstant and they're out of perspective on several places. I'd do an overhaul on them. The idea (headbutting angry chickens of different teams) is nice though :)
I always thought that they looked a bit strange but I can't put my finger on it. I stared at them so long that I don't notice many unappealing things on them anymore though, except the feet maybe, which I will probably modify. It would be helpful if you could put a few red marks on those several places where you think that they are out of perspective. (The creature on the left is meant to be a duck btw, not a chicken. The ducks are the enemies of the chickens in the game.)

My only suggestion for motivation is don't do the stuff you hate all at once, or you'll end up hating the whole thing.  If I were the one working on this, I'd have gotten really bored with line art.  Color is a big motivator for me, so for each section of line art I got done, I'd let myself color it as a reward.
That sounds like a good suggestion. So far, doing all the lineart has indeed been a bit tedious. I'm somewhat inflexible in that regard though, because I don't have any idea yet how I will color/texture/shade the whole thing but maybe it will work too, if my reward is to pixel some other small piece(32x32) in colors after each piece of lineart in this one.

its helps to get a ton of reference pictures, even for things which you think you know how they look, because then if you do have reference pictures, it makes it so much easier in your mind to know whether what you are doing looks right, and if it looks right, then you feel more at ease while working rather then wondering if there is a better way.
also, if you find yourself just staring at it and not placing any pixels, force yourself to place pixels down, even if they aren't correct. The act of placing pixels down should help you get into the rhythm of placing more down and eventually you won't even be thinking about how to start it because you'll be doing it.
Sounds like a good idea as well. I'll start googling for reference pictures for every item in the drawing, right after having breakfast. So far, I only used reference pictures for the feet of the duck and the chicken in the foreground (which still look odd) and for the barn.

[edit2](see edited first post for latest updates).[/edit2]

Pixel Art / [wip] Chickens (TitleScreen for a game)
« on: March 13, 2007, 05:47:45 pm »
[edit 1st of Juli 2007(0:29 am GMT+1)]changelist (you might need to reload the image(browser cache issue)):
current version (still image)
progress (gif animation)
  • modified the flying duck (14/03/2007)
  • added nuts to the tube connector on the lower left (15/03/2007)
  • added the banjo playing chicken in the lower right (17/03/2007 (1))
  • added the fiddle playing chicken in the lower right (17/03/2007 (2))
  • modified the duck and the chicken in the front, using Turbo's Edit as a reference(21/03/2007)
...almost three months pass without any progress being made...
  • moved up the whole scene to have room for the front feet of the fighters in the front(10/06/2007)
  • buried the lower part of the left pipe connector in the dirt(as the previous appearance seemed impossible to me)(10/06/2007)
  • separated the whole image into several layers and continued working on it in paintshop pro (previously Personal Paint under Amiga Emulation, which doesn't support layers)(10/06/2007)
  • started adding more pipes, moved some layers around to make room for a bass playing chicken that is still todo(10/06/2007)
  • redid the topmost board and added the other boards (now that I'm working with layers, it's no problem for me to have the wip image show all layers combined)(10/06/2007)
  • added more pipes and moved up the pole in the middle a bit (to make room for the boards which shall later fall down and reassemble at the pole for different menues) (11/06/2007)
  • added the double bass playing chicken and the double bass, moved the pipe in the far back to the right a bit and attached another pipe to one of the pipes inside the barn(20/06/2007)
  • separated the duck and the chicken in the front into two layers(not visible in the progress:P) and added some more pipes to the pipe system at the left(23/06/2007)
  • made pipe system on the left more complicated, changed facial expression of bass chicken, slightly adjusted pipe orientation in the barn and added another small pipe there(01/07/2007)


I am working on the graphics for a game called Chickens, which is designed and programmed by Andrei Ellman.

Currently I'm working on the title screen but haven't placed a single pixel on it for more than a month already now, so I'm posting the current wip version here, as I hope that working on this under the eyes of others will put some pressure onto myself to work on it again and more.
It will probably still take ages to finish, even under pressure. (I have a regular eight hour programming job and if anyone knows of some good techniques to regain motivation and energy in the evenings to do some more work on private projects, it would be nice if he/she would share these rituals.)

But enough of the words, here's what I have so far:

The pole appears a bit empty in this version, because I removed the boards that were originally on it (can be seen on this image). The boards will later be separate sprites, so that they can be attached and removed as needed by the main menu of the game.

Challenges & Activities / Re: The Retro RPG Challenge 1
« on: May 20, 2006, 09:38:20 am »
There is a well visible too obvious black line going down between your 3rd tile when it's tiled.(I think it's located in the top left corner of that tile) Other than than the few tiles you've got so far do connect nicely.

Challenges & Activities / Re: The Retro RPG Challenge 1
« on: May 18, 2006, 03:04:56 pm »
My apologies for the delay, the outdoor mockup took me longer than I thought.

This time the hero is facing a mutated crab-man-mud-monster and his snake minions out in the wilderness, who are guarding the only bridge over the river.
Again I made use of tile flipping and didn't put the flipped tiles in the tileset.
The tileset probably isn't complete, especially the river tiles as they are now, would not allow making lots of variations and different curves, because I only made as many tiles as were necessary for the mockup.

General Discussion / Re: Introductions
« on: May 18, 2006, 01:03:45 pm »
Hi, my name is Dennis. I'm 25 years old and I "live" in germany. I haven't done that much (amenable) pixel art yet and what I have done(at least the pieces that I felt were not completely sucky) can be seen in my profile at Pixeljoint.

I used to pixel lots of crappy animations and drew pictures with DPaintIII in the Amiga500 days but none of that is worthy of showing here or anywhere.
It was about August 2005 that I picked up pixelling again after almost ten years of abstinence, wasting time playing games and learning programming and trying to make games myself, first in Turbo Pascal7.0, later in C/C++ with the help of the wonderful Allegro library.

I managed to finish one very tiny game (see my homepage if you're interested) after countless attempts at making huge and epic games, always realizing that huge games are simply too much work for me.

The last thing I programmed was a just-for-fun-tool (which I have yet to finish someday, it's also on my homepage) and ever since I stopped working on that tool, I haven't touched any source code again.

I don't plan to never program again, but currently I just enjoy pixelling much more so that's what I'm currently concentrating and trying to improve on.

Challenges & Activities / Re: The Retro RPG Challenge 1
« on: May 17, 2006, 09:11:36 am »
((?) I did use the [ img ] tags and click zooming worked here.)

Thank you for your feedback Turbo, I hope the issues you mentioned are fixed now. I changed the colors of the safe to contrast the floor.(Didn't want to use black for no particular reason, I just felt the  violet looked funky.) On the transition tiles, I removed the gray color to make the brown go black instantly, but I'm not sure if that was what you meant or If you meant that the thickness of the brown border is too high.

I've also added some new content to the scene:
The hero has arrived now to rid the cave of the bug and the bat, who have without permission entered the witches home(the cave). Since living in a too dark cave can't be very healthy I also gave her home a few torches. Now if I could just remember why the witch has those corpses on her floor... maybe she eats people and doesn't have a trashcan.
The green things are supposed to be some fungoid stuff.

I'm going to try an outdoor scene this afternoon.

Challenges & Activities / Re: The Retro RPG Challenge 1
« on: May 16, 2006, 03:09:16 pm »
Hi everyone.
Judging from the dates of this thread this challenge is quite old and I'm not sure if it is even considered still active, but after reading this thread, I felt that I wanted to give it a try myself to train my uhm... 'skills'.

To the right is my first try which I worked on approx. 5 hours this forenoon.
To the left is the revisited first try, which took me *cough* another 2 hours in the afternoon after a short break.(Speed isn't exactly my strength.)
I'm still not happy with the result, so I'll give it another try tomorrow, maybe even completely start over, but I still wanted to share the current state, so here it is:

I checked myself several times to make sure everything is within the color and size limits.
I made use of tile flipping horizontally and vertically but I didn't put the flipped versions in the tileset. The scene is still missing a hero, so far there is only some lonely old witch there.

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