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Hello all! My name is Jen, and I'm in the very early stages of developing a short indie game with no official name as of yet.

The game itself will be in the style of a visual novel, and thus will have a large emphasis on dialogue, choices, and atmosphere. Taking inspiration from games like Detention, Dreaming Mary, and The Grey Garden, the game will have a dark theme and multiple endings, as well as a colorful cast of characters.

I am currently looking for (in order of priority) character concepts/design and busts, backgrounds, GUI, composers, and someone who can help flesh out my story and dialogue. That is to say, pretty much everything! :P I do plan for this to be a commercial game, but this may change.

The program I use is TyranoBuilder, with the default window size being 960x640. The character busts are around 450x550 (I can provide references). The color scheme throughout the game is almost completely monochrome, with some exceptions including very dull colors, reds, and a few others. The GUI will be mostly black. Everything will be pixel art!

Regarding my plans for the game as a whole, I am always 100% open to ideas, feedback, or anything you think will be a better fit than what I propose!

As I said, this game is in very early development stage and I will likely not respond right away (due to working full time + budgeting may take some time as well) -- but please know I appreciate everyone who is interested in working on this project! Portfolios and examples of your work are extremely welcome, and I may want to do a (paid, ofc) test run before commissioning any bigger pieces.

If possible, please include your rates/rough rates and terms in your comment or in a pm! Don't be afraid to ask questions or for more info. Thank you for reading!  :)

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