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Pixel Art / Re: [Finished] Two friends, on a perfect day
« on: September 04, 2017, 12:51:51 am »
I love the mood in this piece. The lighting could be worked on to make a bit more sense. Their backs wouldnt be lit up like that if the light source is in front of their face. It would be more back lit like their hair is. Also there seems to be a lack of 3 dimensional depth in the way their legs are crossed and their torso shape. Id try to make their torsos a bit more rounded and give their legs more perspective with some foreshortening.

2D & 3D / Re: Game map landscape critique
« on: September 04, 2017, 12:45:58 am »
Thank you! The terrain is tile based and is generated via random number ranges to determine what tiles become what land type. The first thing I make is the oceans in order to know what tiles are land and which are not. Then I create biomes which have different source amounts and size ranges. There's multiple forest biomes, mountain biomes, etc that get created around the map. Some biomes are able to render on top of each other, like forests and rocks, via a more complex shader. The only other part that isn't biome based are the rivers. They always source at mountains and try to snake their way to the nearest edge or ocean shore. Rivers have a shader which allows them to overlap other biome textures. I never have extra landscape game objects that get created on top of the base tiles. Everything uses a single game object tile with shaders that allow for texture overlapping.

2D & 3D / Re: Game map landscape critique
« on: September 03, 2017, 01:24:10 am »
Here's an update pic based on critiques I've received. I made the beaches omni directional to fix a critique posted earlier. I'm going to do more work to polish them later but I feel this is a good start to illustrate the new look.

Thought I'd include some of the buildings that can be placed in the game in order to show off more of the new pixel perfect direction I'm taking.

Be sure to click on the larger image to get a pixel perfect view of it as it is scaled down a little bit when posted.

On the crisp versions, it becomes visible that many of your assets have a lower resolution that the tile size, and not even an exact multiple of it : Some pixel columns are doubled, some are not and the effect can be jarring.
If you can't get tiles that map 1:1 with screen pixels, well, you'd rather keep the overall filtering : it will help a lot blend images of different qualities together.
The "scattered dots" and "marsh symbols" seem to be overlays of a monochrome texture. It may not be too hard to increase their native resolution, and the result will look quite sharper, even with an overall filtering on top.
Strangely, the "stone deposits" seem to be natively higher-resolution than most of the rest, as it doesn't show the same kind of issue.

So I've spent a ton of time figuring out the best possible way to get things to be pixel perfect and I've settled on having images popping out of the landscape(which are flat to the screen) to be non-filtered images and everything that lays flat on the ground to be filtered. Since images that are flat against the ground are tipped at an angle, they will always have artifact lines when non filtered.

The good thing about this is that my mountains and buildings which stick out of the land look nice and crisp. I also made the rocks that lay flat on the ground to be non-filtered as it makes sense for them to be crisper as rocks and they have less of a visible artifact. They are not any higher resolution than anything else as you say, so its interesting that they seem that way.

If you're not zooming in and out, you should be able to match the size of the sprites displayed to be exactly the size of the images, which will give you better control over how they look in-game. What engine are you using? The only one I have experience with is Unity.

The green patches don't really read as trees, especially when compared to the scale of other parts of the map. Maybe try adding faint tree shapes?

Here, I did a quick sketch to demonstrate:
without trees:

I've made the mountains to be the exact right pixel/tile size for the screen and made them non-filtered to give them a crisper look. I also took some of your mountain tips and applied them. I think they look a lot better. I am going to have seasons in this game so I'll have more or less snow on the mountains based on what time of year it is. I'm using Unity for this.

I like it how itīs generated,
but could you make somethings with this little Lake Things?
Make some bigger together or such :o

Thank you. I actually have it so that lakes are able to combine together to form larger lakes via the tile system. Hopefully my new screenshots illustrate that.

2D & 3D / Re: Game map landscape critique
« on: August 29, 2017, 10:46:09 am »
These are fantastic critiques thank you!

Not everything needs pixel-level assets, the landscape has a lovely painterly look as-is. I can only see two defects :
- the base of your mountains seem to have the remainder of a darker outline, you may want the even the colors and possibly "feather" those edges (alpha < 100%) to blend them more.
- beaches are very visibly textured using a wave pattern aligned horizontally, instead of following the curves of the coast. It's very wrong for vertical coasts, and even on mostly horizontal costs, it's not so good that it doesn't follow the coastline. If your engine generates the beaches (you don't draw the individual tiles) then you should at least use a solid sand color instead of the texture.

You're right I've been meaning to feather the edges of the texture in the mountains so there isn't that dark outline. Unfortunately I can't have a soft edge on the mountains specifically because in order for the sprite shader to cast a shadow in Unity, it must use a cutoff alpha which means only alpha that is 0% or 100%. I may be able to figure out a way to cheat by using a multi-pass shader and have a semi transparent texture render over the bottom of the mountain to blend it in better. What I'll do first is feather the edges in the diffuse part of the textures so there is no black showing through from the background.

I never thought of that fact about the sand. It would be rippling in the direction that the water is coming in from the ocean. What I can do is make an omni directional sand texture to fix that.

I have a few suggestions for improving the "crispness" of th mountains. Firstly, what file format are you using for the images, and what import setting are you using for whatever game engine you're using? The images look compressed and blurry, which is contrasting with the sharp edges and making them look like paper cutouts or stickers. Assuming this isn't the look you're aiming for, you might want to either save your mountain sprites in a non-compressed format, or (especially if the map can be zoomed in and out of) increase the size of the image.

Also watch out for the line around the edge of the image. That might be caused by settings in your game engine, or you may need to continue the images further outside the line where the alpha cut-off is, so that the image compression at the edges doesn't "bleed over" into the visible part of the image.

You might also want to try removing some of the mossy texture and bumpiness and focusing on making the 3d shape more readable, like with your sand dunes.

I am currently using 64x64 Targas for my images. 32 bit when with alpha and 24 bit for when without alpha. For the mountains I am importing them uncompressed so that they look as crisp as possible. There is no zooming in and out so it is kept at the same distance from the camera. What I can do is import them without any sort of filtering. Below is a side by side comparison with filtered textures(left) and non-filtered textures(right). Which one do you think looks better? I'm starting to warm up to the idea of using non-filtered now that you mention ways of improving the crispness.

Continuing the image past the alpha cutoff is something Ill definitely fix next. As far as the mossy texture, Im meaning those to be trees that are scattered across the mountains. Those are the only parts I painted myself, the rest was done in 3d. I tried making the tree parts in 3d but it ended up being tedious and not looking as good as I wanted so I settled on painting them. I suppose they may need more work or maybe less trees on them like you say. Ill see what I can do to make the rocky parts of the mountains have more deliberate shapes to improve the readability.

2D & 3D / Re: Game map landscape critique
« on: August 25, 2017, 01:49:38 am »
Aha I see. I'm sure this mistake is made annoyingly a lot on this forum, sorry about that! I suppose that means none of the stuff I'm making will belong in the pixel art section because of the process Im using to create it. I'm sure my thread will comfortably find its new home here! I do think my assets could use more crispness like with the techniques listed in the thread you posted but I don't think Im going to reach the level of pixel perfect art assets.

2D & 3D / Re: Game map landscape critique
« on: August 25, 2017, 12:29:44 am »
Here is an example of one of the textures. This asset is strictly a bitmap texture I made that is thrown on to a plane in the 3d environment. For some of these textures I make and render them in 3d then scale them down in Photoshop and paint over them a bit. In the end, they are 2d textures when put into the game.

2D & 3D / Re: Game map landscape critique
« on: August 24, 2017, 11:14:41 pm »
Ah I guess I didn't understand the categories correctly. The individual assets are pixel art sprites but I suppose it is in a pseudo 3d environment so it should be here. When I submit individual pixel assets for critique Ill post those in the pixel art section.

2D & 3D / Re: Game map landscape critique
« on: August 24, 2017, 02:31:31 am »
I tried fixing the rest of the critiques that were in this thread. Ive changed the color of the lake and river to try and be a bit more realistic. I also changed how the rivers generate. Instead of wildly swerving around the landscape, they generally travel in the direction of the closest ocean coastline. I think this makes them more topographically realistic.

A new addition to the landscape are waterfalls which occur where rivers start at mountains. Previously there was no connection between rivers and their source mountains.

Pixel Art / Re: [NSFW] nude study w/ dithering
« on: August 17, 2017, 11:59:11 am »
I like the checkerboard shaded areas. Your lighting seems to be a bit inconsistent since she is evenly lit. You have shadows and highlights on one side but not the other. For example her only her left shoulder has a highlight and only her right hand has shadows. Also anatomically her thighs do seem a bit too wide but I understand that's a stylistic choice.

Pixel Art / Re: Progression Thread
« on: August 17, 2017, 11:44:57 am »
These are solid weapons. I think the wraps seem off because they dont feel like they are wrapping around the weapon. If you were to have the wraps pop out around the silhouette of the weapon handle it should feel more like what its meant to be. Right now it looks more decorative.

I also think the weapons could have more shine on their metal parts. And if you wanted to go further you could add a subtle wood grain to the handles.

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