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Update: This was a previously closed position which has re-opened. You will be working alongside myself and another artist to complete the work in a timely manner (though there is currently no "deadline" on the work). By timely I mean please be available to make at least 2 updates every week.

Hello everyone. I am seeking a pixel artist for a paid position to create character and background graphics for a top-down game heavily inspired by Earthbound - in the sense of graphics, humor, and style. The game is tentatively titled 'Fragment'.

I've uploaded a playable version that includes examples of characters and backgrounds - please note that this is super rough and is basically an alpha, if that. You can download it here;

I hesitate to call the game an RPG, as there is no traditional combat system, turn-based or otherwise, but the game plays more like an interactive storybook. To add interest, the characters learn a variety of Psychokinesis abilities, such as a the ability to put people to sleep, generate fire, ice and lighting, and move objects with their mind, that are used to complete puzzles and explore the environments.

The story is at first seemingly innocent and storybook, but there are some very dark and mature themes buried underneath, not unlike Earthbound. The game starts with the main character Timothy befriending an alien, Gus, that has landed on Earth. Gus' species are not born with a consciousness of their own, but rather develop an identity through spending time with and experiencing human emotions. He decides to tag along with Timothy, as Timothy sets on an adventure to find his estranged father. Along the way, they befriend a tomboy girl who's the daughter of a wealthy businessman, and a young aboriginal boy that is desperately trying to reconnect with his lost and forgotten culture.

Please note the game can get very weird at times. I especially want the locales to get very weird, for example, the towns are themed, such as a town being built completely in an underground subway and another town that's a series of interconnected skyscrapers. One of the main characters is an alien that derives his conscious and personality from spending time with humans. At one point in the story, the main characters tour with a grungy indie-band who spend an inordinate amount of time talking about how long they've been wearing the same pair of underwear while touring.

I can either pay by the hour, OR per complete character/background, OR per complete individual frame/tile. Before we proceed, I will ask to create an individual piece first, and I will of course pay you for this. No hard feelings, but if I feel the skill level is not at a level where I am comfortable with for proceeding to the finished product, then I will respectably thank you for your time and say good bye. I am a pixel artist myself and highly encourage all applicants to be honest about their skill level before applying. If you are not close or cannot match at least the level presented in the playable alpha, please reconsider applying. If I am happy with the individual piece I've first ask you to create, we will agree on a pricing chart before proceeding with other animations.

Characters and background requirements are outlined below;

Character set Animated Walking - Roughly 48x48, 3 directions, N, E, S.
Character set Animated Talking - Roughly 48x48, 3 directions, N, E, S.
Background set - individual tiles are 48x48, with a full tile set at 384x768.

Please note, the original art is created by myself - both characters and backgrounds. I am by no means an exceptionally talented pixel artist, but expect that changes will occur to the finished pieces to better align with my vision. I may offer a 'starter' piece for the artist to continue to work on or complete, and will offer 'inspiration' images to give the artist an idea of what I am going for. I am a classically trained artist and illustrator, and am taking a director role in the project - so I definitely know what I am looking for and want in the finished product. Feedback is always appreciated, but I wanted to make this disclaimer because I have worked with artists in the past that have disagreed with my direction and it caused friction and delays in the art creation process.

I will be selling the game commercially, and am paying for the finished pixel art. You will be credited in the game, the pieces can be utilized online and in your portfolio, and I will not be offering commission on game sales.

For those interested, please reply in this thread, send me a private message on here, or email me directly at Thanks everyone for reading and for your interest in the project!  :)

Hello everyone,

This is intended as a quick job!  You shouldn't be spending more than a day's worth of time on this.  And as such, the payment reflects that.  This is perfect for speedy pixel artists or those who need some work on a rainy day.

What I need is someone to polish up an existing animation.  The animation in question is the following:

What needs to be cleaned up:
-horse's head and hair made consistent with other frames
-cowboy's head cleaned up to match the final idle frames (see below)
-cape cleaned up a bit
-arm/sleeve made more consistent
-reins added
-if you want/can smooth the animation/flow of the animation, by all means, but this isn't necessary

And for an additional animation to be completed:

What is needed in this animation:
-horse lifts a bit more, front legs jerk a few times, think when a horse is stopped suddenly and the reins are pulled really tight
-cowboy lifts the arm behind him and fires a gun two times
-horse lowers into original position

And that's pretty much it.  Other considerations;
-please try to remain as consistent to the style as possible
-for all those that apply, I can send you scraps of both the horse and the cowboy to work with, if that is easier to animate for you
-the second animation (the horse raising legs/gun fire) should be 12 frames MINIMUM to keep consistent with the animation quality

Here is a completed idle frame to give reference for the final style;

Yes, this is paid.  It will be a flat fee of $60.  So as I said, this is meant as a quick job.  An experienced artists should spend no more than 4 hours on this.  Please PM me with your portfolio or examples of your work for all those interested.  If I find a candidate I am interested in, I will NOT ask you to make an example animation, but will put you right to work.  :)  Thanks for reading!

Pixel Art Feature Chest / GR#055 - Still Image Summon - Anatomy, Pose
« on: June 20, 2011, 09:33:21 pm »
This was inspired by Amano's illustrations they used and converter to monsters/summons in FFV and FFVI.  It's not meant to replicate the style, but I've always been taken by his illustration ability.  But anywho, a sketchy start ...

General Discussion / Have all the good jobs dried up?
« on: August 11, 2009, 03:43:45 am »
I've been looking for some freelance work for the last couple of months now and ... nothing.  It's one of three things; the developer can't afford me; the developer doesn't respond to the ad; talks begin, but nothing ever becomes of it.

I don't mean to sound like a whiny baby--but what the heck?  I remember a couple years ago when there actually seemed to be a lot of opportunity, and people were approaching me with jobs.  Now, it's like shooting in the dark.  I've literally replied to all the job wanted postings at this forum, on other forums, and just done general searches online.  I emailed 10 potential developers on one particular day.  Two responded.  One said they couldn't afford me, the other said they had a job lined up, but its been a week now and they haven't gotten back to me.

I'm sure many who've worked freelance can understand the feeling.  It's frustrating and hopeless.  But I'm really starting to think that maybe this particular field is just ... done.  Dried up.  Nothing more to see here folks.  Cause it certainly seems that way.  Not even some of my old contacts (nvision, particularly of all people--and we know he's an amazing artist and constantly working) could get me some gigs.

Argh.  Posting this to vent, I suppose, even at the expense of sounding particularly whiny.

But how's everyone else doing, who's working part to full time doing?  Maybe I'm just going about this the wrong way.

Pixel Art / Earthbound Inspired
« on: July 22, 2009, 06:59:30 pm »
Just a character for game I'm making on my down time.  It's heavily inspired by Earthbound. C&C welcomed.

And a screenshot to see how he exists in the game world.

Portfolios / [Portfolio] Dorian Tokici
« on: July 04, 2008, 05:51:27 pm »

I work best in a more simplistic and exaggerated style (in proportion and colour).  I do not work for profit sharing.  For payment I prefer hourly wage, which can be discussed when contacted.  I am professional and friendly.  Am currently actively seeking employment.

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