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Portfolios / Re: Pixel artist, 9 years experience.
« on: January 14, 2022, 03:19:33 am »
I sent you a Discord Friend Request

Unpaid Work / [Free] The Chains that Bound Me
« on: June 12, 2017, 04:56:01 pm »

What I'm looking for
Looking for a pixel artist that can do character sprite and pixel environmental design.

The art i'm looking for is steampunk. Something similar to attack on titan or kanabari the iron fortress.

What I have accomplished
I've developed a game already called the beast named Eliza and i'm looking for a pixel artist to help me with a new game that i'm writing.
Check out the game I developed here or watch the let's play on youtube!

Story 1
As for the story of this game, It's in a steam punk world. (If you watch kanabari the iron fortress - an anime or attack on titan) I'm trying to have that feel. You play as a male character and the players will realize that his life is difficult since birth. He joins in a gang and earns money from doing that. As he grows up, he loves being creative. He sings, plays music, and is very passionate about the creative side of his brain. He dreams of making it big but his only mother tells him to stop and discourages him from pursuing further on. This is the reason why he joins the gang, to support his mother. As for his day job, he is a miner. His mother thinks that way. But one day, he double crosses the gang and steals money in hopes that he could escape his life. He gets caught and is beaten up in front of a slave store. In this world, slave is a thing and they are like objects sold in stores. This store is an open prison where people see through the bars and buy people as if they were buying bread or butter.

The main character gets beaten up in front of this store, barely alive. He starts to sing and wants to be creative in that moment. A girl from behind that bar hears this and encourages him to pursue his dreams. In that moment, the guy tries to buy her freedom. The guy becomes clean but still has to work for the gang. He pays the gang for protection fee as his day job needs to pay off the gang, his life, and the freedom of the girl. He works harder.

An aristocrat sees this man and buys off the girl as he likes to see a poor pitiful man grovel for money. The man gets mad and retaliates. Unfortunately for him, he gets killed at that spot. The shared loved between the man and the women ends.

Story 2
The next story takes place in the eyes of the women where she is locked up in the store. She will see live differently in these bars and I will try to incorporate real world experiences that women faces through this women that is locked up. She will see how this world is a men's world and that she can't do anything.

At the point where she gets taken off by the aristocrat, she works along with the other slaves the the aristocrat bought. The girls plan an escape but ends up terribly. They get beaten. Later in the story, the world unravels, and the audience will begin to see that this world is not so peaceful. Monsters lurk outside the city, the government controls the people, the king is corrupt, and life will end due to the planet dying.

An accident happens in the aristocrat's house. A fire breaks out and the girls manages to escape with a few deaths. They realize that there is a revolt happening within the city and they have to escape. Nowhere to go, and unaware that beyond the city is filled with monster, they escape to the outskirts. The story ends here for the second series as the girl, along with her few other friends, sees a wasteland. Human waste, junk, and scrap metal off into the distance, they hear screams from behind and run off towards the distance as the government officials chase them down.
(They can tell a person is a slave or not is a brand on their skin. Like how cattles are marked.)

That's the jest of the story. It'll continue on as bits and pieces.

Game Length
The game will be in two parts and it'll last from about 30min to 1 hour in game play for each game. I plan to do this during the summer, so about 3 months of time.

This game will be a free game, so there won't be commission from doing this. Think of this as a hobby and you want to promote yourself as much as possible for future jobs.

My Team So far
Character Designer
Story boarding

What I Like to have...
pixel artist for environmental design
animated pixel art for characters such as walking running, battle animations and interactions.

Why Join?
Be part of a game developing team. It's great for your CV if you plan on showcasing your work. Gain tons of experience in working together and, best of all, input ideas in this developing game. Your ideas matter!

If any one is interested and would like to join aboard, feel free to message me. Or ask any questions, feel free to message me too!

Concept Art
Some concept arts that my artist is doing right now.

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