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Does anyone have any recommendations for where to look for playable pixel art games? 

It seems like there used to be a ton of websites that hosted free-to-play flash games back in the 1990's and 2000's.  Those kinds of sites are becoming a lot harder to find now that app stores and Steam have become the primary platforms for indie distribution. 

I know about a few websites like Kongregate, GOG, and NewGrounds.  Unfortunately there's a lot of mobile content and shovelware to sift through with those.  Pixel Joint, Pixelation, and Retro Gamer have extensive resources, but there's not many examples of actual gameplay footage to look at for inspiration and animation references.

Are there any obscure websites that have an archive of just pixel art games?  Surely there must be a stash hidden away somewhere on the internet.

General Discussion / Any Tips for Starting a Team Project?
« on: February 24, 2017, 04:53:12 am »
I've attempted to join several collaboration projects over the past few years, and each one has failed dismally.  Usually things fall apart after a few months due to busy schedules, overly ambitious goals, or lack of funding.

I know that a lot of other independent developers and artists go through similar experiences of having interesting concepts that are never fully realized.

Are there any special conditions or factors that increase the likelihood of having a positive team experience?

It just seems kind of impossible to stay optimistic when you can't afford to hire anyone and past baggage makes it hard to be motivated about jumping back into another cycle of disappointment and long work hours.

Pixel Art / What is an ideal height for more-detailed sprites?
« on: February 20, 2017, 01:49:25 am »
I'm fairly new to pixel art, and one of the things I'm really struggling with is deciding how many pixels I should aim for in a design.  It seems like if I use too many pixels, some of the blocky minimalist charm seems to be lost, whereas not using enough pixels omits a lot of detail, especially around the face.

Are there any guides or tips to sizing sprites in context of pixel video games?

This is a basic sprite I made where I don't know if it would work better at around 32 x 32 px for a game, or if the resolution I am using is about right.  To me it seems like way too many pixels for a small squat character.  If I made human-sized characters or anything taller the amount of pixels needed would increase exponentially.

Update: Thanks to everyone who applied.  There were a lot of great portfolios, and I didnít expect so many fast replies.  It's going to make deciding on one much harder.  I will try to send out some followup emails to update everyone later today.

Iím looking to hire a pixel background artist to create one featured image or a logo that will go on the landing page of this website, http://www.animationpagoda.comMy starting budget range is between $250-350. I can possibly go higher if needed. 

Project Description:
I am basically looking for a high resolution landscape background that depicts a rugged mountain landscape with a pagoda built into a mountainside. 

Iíd prefer the landscape to be in either 16-bit or 32-bit for higher detail, but 8-bit will probably work too. 

Job Requirements:
Please submit a link to a relevant portfolio or sample of previous artwork

Send a reasonable price estimate if you require an hourly rate or think your professional services might cost more than $350.  I realistically probably canít spend more than $900 at this time.

The artist will receive full credit for the artwork on the website if desired.  They can also retain certain licensing rights to their creation if they submit a list of the specific conditions. 

If you want a contract upfront, I can send a draft.  A time-stamped email reply that confirms you agree to the terms of the deal and have received payment will serve as a signature for remote work.

Please send an email if interested.  My primary contact is

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