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Commercial Critique / Re: CC Challenge - Hands On!
« on: March 22, 2010, 11:10:10 am »
Can't believe I only just saw this!  So, how much time left?  I see there's only a few entries so I assume I can still get invloved right?

Quick question - can we do TokkyuuShirei-Solbrain style - the original Japanese game?  I'm a Famicom fan and to be honest I always thought it was much cooler than a ginger guy on steroids.  Of course, tileset is 99% the same anyway.


Ok, but it's quite feasible to just invent my own colours for this and correct them at the end right??

I was concerned that this 'correction' would result in a strong difference in colours, which can make or break sometimes.
If the correction is just minor (as it seems) and won't make much difference then I'll shut up :)

I just mean that, if we were to do that with a NES/Famicom palette it would change things greatly.

So how many individual colours is that in total then?

It would be really great to get/see a colour table.  I'm afraid I'm still quite confused by all this even after re-reading. 

I understand HEX and the theory etc, it's just not easy to work that way.  I'd make a colour table but thought I'd ask if there's more than 256 colours first, or whatever?

 ???  Sorry, I'm confused - is the mockup a star ocean game or just a similar style RPG game in general?

I just wondered, as I'd love to make a Zelda style one of these, would that be allowed?  It may be a little unoriginal but would it be ok?


I think it's my favourite tile, reminds me lots of an X files episode I saw years ago.

Or more suitable feedback would be that I love how it's an individual tile that is to a degree all the surrounding tiles at once - it's been drawn from the outside in rather than the inside out it appears, which is really refreshing to think about if that's the case.

Don't worry L E T, I'll see if I can help R.O.B. ^o^
Nvm this is too hard xDDDDDD

Not to worry, Conceit has updated a bit and I hope I can make a few more changes in time, hopefully with his help and get it looking good.
I bit off more than I could chew and felt like I spat it back out on the piece and never cleaned it up, so I feel bad for that.#

Conceit - though I'm not the best person to ask the rock form reads ok to me, from what you wrote I expected a 'reaction' or something to happen where the red meets the green?  Maybe I misunderstood but currently I don't read that from it.  It's a great concept though and one that I really like.

It's looking more and more like I won't get to finish my tile after all - can someone spice it up or make a new one entirely?

Rather than just say it's free a few hours from the deadline, it'd be nice if someone could basically make it nice, as right now I think it ruins the piece :(


It's the tripod style thing, yes?   Looks great to me :)

When's the end time?  I think I can make my last changes before 10 pm GMT but if it's before that I'd like to offer the tile for someone better..


I completely forgot about this but I'm back on it.  I have the garish robot on #7 and it will be finished tomorrow, I need to redo it.

Ptoing, am I too late?

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